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Pre-Application Meeting

We offer a free planning pre-application advice service.

For advice on minor proposals

You can drop in to Councils Duke Street Office or phone us (5348 1577) during business hours to ask for advice on minor proposals including:

  • Small scale extensions/outbuildings to dwellings or commercial buildings
  • Small scale works such as sheds, garages, solar panels and some alterations
  • Some changes of use
  • Signage proposals of a modest nature
  • Two lot subdivisions (without development)
  • For advice on larger proposals

    For larger proposals of a complex nature, you can request a pre-application meeting with a planner to discuss the proposal.

    A pre-application meeting helps you to:

  • Identify any planning issues prior to lodging an application
  • Understand the information you need to include in your planning application
  • Get accurate advice early in the process, which helps the application process to be smooth and efficient
  • You may be advised to engage a private planning consultant to help you prepare your application if the proposal is complex or involves several components. There are several planning consultants that operate in the Hepburn area.

    Please Note: A pre-application meeting does not guarantee that a planning application will be approved.

    How to prepare for and request a pre-application meeting

    If you seek a pre-application meeting, you should contact Council’s Planning Services on 5348 1577 to request a time to meet with a planner. It is recommended that the following information be brought along to any pre-application meeting:

  • Sketch or concept plans of the proposal
  • Certificate of Title of the subject property (including any plans, covenant details or Section 173 Agreements)
  • A site or survey plan of the subject property
  • Any other written documents (eg. photographs, arboricultural report) which may be beneficial for Council to review prior to the meeting
  • Consultation with neighbours

    Council also strongly encourages that proponents consider communicating directly with their neighbours. Such communication can enable residents’ input into the design of a proposal prior to an application for a planning permit being made to Council. It can also assist to minimise objections and concerns from residents and may prevent the applicant from being required to make amendments to the proposal later on.