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VicSmart Permits

VicSmart – Fast track your permit in 10 Business days

Simple, straightforward and low impact planning applications may be eligible for VicSmart processing.

Key features of VicSmart include:

  • Permit processing in 10 business days
  • Applications are not advertised

Do I qualify for VicSmart?

To be classed as a VicSmart application a proposal must:

  • be one of the state application types
  • meet all the criteria
  • and be located in the specified zone or overlay.

If your proposal does not fall within the VicSmart provisions, the application will be required to proceed through the normal planning application process.

Where a proposal falls into more than one class of VicSmart application the requirements of each class needs to be met to enable an application to proceed through the VicSmart Process.



How do I apply for a VicSmart Application?

You can apply for a VicSmart Application by clicking the button below.

Or you can do the following.

  • Pay the relevant Fee.
  • Submit all of the required information identified within the relevant checklist below.

Check you’ve collected and completed all the information that needs to be submitted with your application.

Lodge your completed application form, all required information and the fee at one of Councils Service Centres or electronically by emailing to Make sure you include your current mailing address, email address and telephone number.

After you lodge the application, the planning officer will check it and advise you (in writing) if further information is required. If they do, you should provide the information promptly otherwise the application won’t be processed further