At the Ordinary Council meeting of the 18 February 2020, Council adopted the Hepburn Planning Scheme review and subsequently forwarded it to the Minister for Planning.

The three reports of the planning scheme review can be found on Council’s website. They are:

  • Review report
  • Audit report and
  • Community engagement outcomes.

The findings of the review include an action plan to continuously improve the scheme. They include (i) Immediate: 2020 (ii) Short: 2021+ (iii) Medium: 2022+ (iv) Ongoing actions.

What’s planned for 2020?

Council officers will now progress with preparing a fully revised Hepburn planning scheme. The changes will be enabled by a planning scheme amendment process planned to be exhibited to the community in mid-2020. The amendment will include urgent corrections to text and mapping, changing the format of the scheme to meet new Ministerial requirements and new local policies. The new local policies will immediately fill policy ‘gaps’ until more detailed structure planning is undertaken for each major township.

Planned for the short and medium term (2021+) structure planning will also include other matters such as protecting the Shire’s heritage, township character, biodiversity and the protection of farm land. In the future, Council will undertake further research and community engagement on these matters before the key findings can be included in the planning scheme.

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