What is a Planning Scheme?

A planning scheme sets out the way land can be used, developed and protected, and guides planning and development decisions.

All land within Hepburn is affected by the planning scheme and is subject to its provisions.

Why is this important for you?

The planning scheme affects everyone because it outlines how and where people can develop or use their land in the Hepburn Shire.

Why are we reviewing and rewriting the Planning Scheme?

The planning scheme is being reviewed to ensure that it is up to date and addresses key issues that our municipality is experiencing now, or we think it may face in the future.

We need to align the planning scheme to recent strategies and plans such as the Council Plan 2017-2021, the Regional Growth Plan and other plans undertaken by Council. We also need to include the foundations in the planning scheme for future strategic work.

Council has engaged Plan2Place Consulting to work with the community to review the Hepburn Planning Scheme.

What is in the planning scheme?

The planning scheme includes state, regional and local planning policies, strategies and provisions in a Planning Policy Framework (PPF).

The planning scheme includes tools include zones, overlays, provisions and general provisions.

How the planning scheme fits together

Planning Policy Framework (State)State policies that affect all planning schemes in Victoria
Planning Policy Framework (Regional)Regional policies that apply to planning schemes within a particular region
Planning Policy Framework (Local)Municipal Planning Strategy and local planning policies that apply to a particular planning scheme
ZonesIncluding residential, commercial and rural zones
OverlaysIncluding heritage, design and development and environmental significance overlays
Particular ProvisionsIncluding open space contributions and native vegetation controls
General ProvisionsIncluding general permit exemptions

The Hepburn Planning Scheme is prepared and adopted by Council with the Minister for Planning providing final approval.

Future planning scheme

A planning scheme must be reviewed by Council to ensure that it is achieving the strategic objectives for land use and development that are aspired to.

The Victorian Government requires that all planning schemes are prepared based on a new model that includes a Municipal Planning Strategy and a Planning Policy Framework which integrates state, regional and local planning policies. This will result in the Hepburn Planning Scheme looking different to how it currently looks.

What is the review process?

  1. Community has their say

We will seek community feedback to identify their aspirations for the future of land use and development in the municipality that the planning scheme should address.

  1. Data and evidence are collected

The Consultant team will compile existing data and information for the municipality, review the performance of the current planning scheme and factor in broader strategic trends to inform the key strategic directions for the future.

  1. Community input

We will seek further community input and feedback to ensure that we hear and understand the key issues that people feel the planning scheme should address. The consultant team will test some options to tackle these issues in a second round of consultation.

  1. Planning Scheme Review Report

We will use the feedback we receive from the community and other key stakeholders to draft the Planning Scheme Review Report.

  1. Report finalised and submitted to the Minister for Planning

We anticipate that the final report, taking into account community submissions, will be ready for Council to consider early in 2020. Following endorsement by Council, the review report will then be submitted to the Minister for Planning.

  1. Implement the actions and recommendations

Council will consider the actions and recommendations outlined in the review report. Implementation of these key issues and recommendations will be incorporated into an updated Hepburn Planning Scheme. Further consultation on this new planning scheme will be provided in 2020.

Issues facing Hepburn

Some key issues you might want to see addressed as part of the planning scheme review could include:

  • The future growth and development of townships.
  • Growing the local economy.
  • The role and contribution of agricultural land.
  • The management of heritage places and landscapes.
  • The management of biodiversity and environmental assets.
  • Responding to climate change.
  • Moving around the municipality.

Next steps

We will:

  • Take into account your thoughts.
  • Refine research about how the planning scheme is performing.
  • Seek your feedback on possible responses.
  • Develop a series of recommended actions for Council to consider that will shape the new planning scheme. (Planning scheme review report)
  • Report back to you on what Council decides to prioritise.
  • Inform you of further opportunities to provide your input to the new planning scheme.
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