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Personal Interests Returns

Avoiding conflicts of Interest is an important factor in public decision making. This is particularly important at local government level, where councillors and staff have interests in the local area and close connections within the local community.

A personal interest return is a record of the private interests of a person in public office that assists in improving probity.  It helps to ensure transparency and reduce conflicts of interest. Personal Interests Returns are a requirement under Division 3 of Part 6 (sections 132-136) of the Local Government Act 2020 (the 2020 Act).

The following people are required to submit Personal Interest Returns to Hepburn Shire Council:

  • Elected Councillors, as required under the Local Government Act
  • Members of Council’s Audit and Risk Committee, as required by the Audit and Risk Committee Charter
  • Council Officer’s appointed as Nominated Officers by the CEO. All Officers employed at Hepburn Shire Council in Manager or Director roles are required to submit a Return.

Download a summary of the Initial Personal Interests Returns.

Download a summary of the Biannual Personal Interest Returns for March 2021.

Download a summary of the Biannual Personal Interest Returns for September 2021.

Under the Local Government (governance and Integrity) Regulations 2020, a summary of the submitted returns must be made available on Council’s website and may be available for inspection at the Council municipal offices and include the following information:

  • the name of the specified person
  • all positions held by the specified person as a Councillor, member of a delegated committee or member of Council staff
  • the date the specified person lodged the preceding personal interests return
  • a summary of the information disclosed in the specified person’s preceding personal interests return, except:
    • the monetary value or amount of any income, shares, or debt
    • the street address and number of any land owned by the person, if the land is the principal place of residence of any person;
    • the information which the person has requested not to be included, but only if the Chief Executive Officer considers that including the information would by likely to place the personal safety of any person at risk, or unreasonably expose a business, commercial or financial undertaking to disadvantage.

The Personal Interest Returns as submitted remain confidential.

Requests for an inspection of the summary can be made by contacting the Hepburn Shire Council Governance and Risk Department via email