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Recycling kerbside collection

Council provides a fortnightly kerbside collection (yellow lidded bins) service to the townships of Clunes, Creswick, Daylesford, Glenlyon, Hepburn Springs and Trentham and also some rural areas.

What can I place in the kerbside mixed (comingled) recycling bin and recycle at transfer stations
AcceptableNot acceptable
Paper – including magazines, newspapers. Not laminated paper.Soft plastics – including plastic bags and packaging. Please note this can be recycled at participating supermarkets through
Cardboard – dry, free from food and oil.^Polystyrene/foam.
Aerosol cans – empty.Nappies.
Plastics – rigid plastic packaging only: 1 PET, 2 HDPE, 5 PP.Food and garden materials.
Glass bottles and jars – remove lids, place in loose.Plastic lids from milk and juice bottles. These can be taken to HSC Customer Service Hubs for recycling.
Food cans.Liquid paperboard – this includes milk/juice cartons, UHT, Tetra Pak, coffee cups.
Soft drink cans and bottles.Waxed cardboard.
Aluminum foil – scrunched into ball. 5cm diameter minimum.Shredded paper.
 Foam or black meat trays.

* Items should be free from visible food/item (empty). Labels can remain on.

Please download ‘What can I recycle in my kerbside bin?’ brochure which includes, ‘What can I put in my landfill bin’ if you’d like a reminder for your home or business.

^ Cardboard and paper can be separated and dropped off for free. Other mixed/comingled recycling is charged – see transfer station recycling rates.

At our three transfer stations we recycle as much as possible, meaning less waste to landfill and the money that is made from recovering recyclables and selling reusable items at the recycle shop goes back into employing more staff from the local area. You can donate any reusable household items or building materials to the tip shop for free.

Please remember to pack your trailer so that recyclables and waste are clearly separated. It helps if like materials are grouped together and attendants can easily see what you have. Please make sure you don’t bring your recycling in a plastic bag, as this is not recyclable.

A more detailed Hepburn Shire Council A – Z bin guide is coming soon.

These items are collected for recycling for free at Council’s Transfer Stations.

  • Cardboard and mixed paper – including magazines and newspaper
  • Batteries (car and all household types)
  • Timber (good clean, reusable, non-toxic, at the discretion of the Transfer Station attendant)
  • Fluro lights
  • Scrap metals (all types)
  • Electrical devices
  • Motor Oil
  • Gas bottles
  • Empty paint cans
  • drumMUSTER plastic drums – empty and triple rinsed (Daylesford and Creswick only)
  • Car bodies

Non-commercial quantities of materials will ONLY be accepted.

These items can also be recycled, however, a fee is charged.

  • Mattresses
  • Fridges and air conditioners
  • Green waste
  • Comingled recycling – plastics, glass etc. (see above). 
  • Concrete rubble (*Daylesford only).