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Requests for Letters of Support

Purpose and background

Council often receives requests from individuals, businesses, community groups or organisations for letters of support to accompany grant funding applications.

A Letter of Support submitted with your grant application helps demonstrate that you have discussed your project with the people who are essential in ensuring the project has the best chance of success, and that you have their support.  If your project involves a cultural or religious group, then you will also need to show that you have the support of the elders or leaders of these groups.

Council is committed to supporting our community to attract funding for projects that align with Council’s strategic goals and priorities, values and our Council Plan, and we understand that providing support for programmes, projects and events can strengthen your grant application, and can be critical for securing funding.

Although a letter of support from Council can add weight to an applicants’ grant submission, it should be noted that the provision of a letter of support does not automatically result in Council playing a role in the project and does not constitute automatic Council approval for the project.

Council may be able to provide support as follows:

In-principleThis means Council is in favour of it, based on the information provided.  The principle/idea seems good and Council agrees with the outcome of community benefit received. The CEO is authorised to provide Letters of Support for ‘In principle’ support.
In-kindNon-cash support in the form of goods and services (i.e. assistance with traffic management for events / extra rubbish bins for events).

All requests need to meet any necessary approval requirements.

PartnershipAn arrangement in which parties agree to collaborate and cooperate to advance their mutual interests.  A partnership can hold either or both parties responsible for all liabilities and will only be entered into if there is a significant community benefit that is aligned with our Council Plan and available funding and resource allocation.  Council recognition for the event/project is to be determined prior to entering an agreement.  Clarity of the role partners is to be provided along with the request.

Some grant applications involve a financial commitment or capital works, and these have the potential to impact Council’s budget and long-term financial plans.  As such, requests for in-kind support and partnership agreements are required to go to Council for approval.


Requests need to be submitted via our online form here, or in writing as early as possible to to allow for research, evaluation & preparation. If you need approval from Council, your request should be submitted for consideration two months in advance of when the letter is required.

Information Required

All requests should include the following information:

  • The name of the organisation or group who are making the request for the Letter of Support
  • Contact person
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email
  • The project name the Letter of Support is requested for

You should also describe the project or initiative which requires Council’s support demonstrating:

  • The linkages to our Council Plan and strategic direction
  • The need for the project and anticipated benefits
  • There is no cost to be incurred by Council or, provide a forecast of the anticipated costs for this project and the basis on which the costs have been determined
  • Do you have a resolution from a committee or a board confirming their support?
  • Community and stakeholder engagement has been sought. Please provide evidence of community support / disagreement
  • Does the project involve the use of, or infrastructure on Council managed land or facilities?
  • Any other comments which are relevant

Grant Information

  • Name of the grant for which you are applying
  • The amount of funding requested
  • Grant due date
  • Grant organisation

Letters of support may not be provided if:

  • Council is applying for grant funding from the same funding body and it is considered that the application will be in direct competition with Council’s application
  • Council operates a programme similar or the same as that of the application
  • That objectives of the application or request do not fit with Council’s strategic objectives/priorities
  • There is an expectation to continue the event/project beyond reasonable timeframes

We wish you all the best in progressing your project.


Click here to complete an online Request for Letter of Support Form

(If you are unable to complete the form in one session, you can Save and Continue the form at a later date)