Responsible Pet Ownership

Being responsible for your pet protects you, your pet and members of the community.

If you own a dog or a cat, you must:

  • Register each dog and cat you own
  • Keep your dog under control when walking it
  • Keep your dog confined to your property at all other times
  • Make sure your dog doesn’t bark persistently
  • Stop your dog or cat straying onto another person’s property
  • Prevent your dog chasing or attacking people or other animals
  • Obey any Council Local Law about having your dog on a leash

You can be fined for breaking the law relating to dogs and cats.

You may also have to pay a release fee if your animals are found wandering and are impounded by Council.

Tips on responsible dog ownership

Tips on responsible cat ownership

Tips on responsible pet ownership

Every Council is required by State legislation to publish a plan on what animal management activities they will deliver.  Hepburn Shire Council's Domestic Animal Management Plan