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Roads & Bridges

Council maintains approximately 600 km of sealed roads and 800 km of unsealed roads throughout the Shire.  We carry assessment of its road network throughout the year to determine required road maintenance.  

Maintenance works include:

  • Grading works on unsealed roads
  • Minor patching on sealed roads
  • Grading of shoulders on sealed roads
  • Table drain maintenance
  • Vegetation control
  • Rubbish removal
  • Signs
  • Line marking
  • Bridge maintenance

Re-sealing – These works are undertaken in February / March of each year and involve the re-sealing of existing sealed roads throughout the municipality which are identified in Council’s re-sealing program.

Re-sheeting – These works are undertaken during the drier months of the year and involve the application of a fresh gravel layer on gravel roads.

If a majority of property owners request sealing of a local road in a residential area, and Council’s assessment of the request agrees it is a priority, then the cost of constructing the road is funded by declaring a Special Charge/ Rate Scheme. For Further information please contact Council’s Engineering Department.



The following roads are under the control of VicRoads. Any road related problems such as damaged shoulders, potholes, bicycle lanes and drainage can be reported directly to VicRoads Traffic Management Centre on 131 170.

  • Midland Highway
  • Daylesford Trentham Road
  • Ballan Daylesford Road
  • Daylesford Newstead Road (from Franklinford)
  • Creswick Newstead Road (to Campbelltown)
  • Clunes Creswick Road
  • Ballarat Maryborough Road
  • Trentham Kyneton Road
  • Myrniong Trentham Road (Blackwood Road)
  • Daylesford Malmsbury Road
  • Daylesford Ballarat Road (Dean Road from Newlyn)
  • Clunes Talbot Road
  • Bungaree Creswick Road

All other roads are managed by the Shire. To report damaged shoulders, potholes and maintenance requirements please contact Council offices on 5348 1577.

Please refer to Council’s Road Register via the link below for all road classifications within the Shire.

Road Register 2018


Road Management Plan

In 2017, Council adopted the amended Road Management Plan in accordance with the provisions of the Road Management Act 2004. The purpose of the Road Management Plan is to establish a management system for the road management functions for which Council is the road authority and to set the relevant standard in relation to the discharge of duties in the performance of those road management functions.

Road Management Plan 2017


Road Side Slashing Program 2019

Council’s road side slashing program begins in the first week of November and continues through to the end of December. The program involves slashing on approximately 450kms of sealed roads and is divided into the Creswick and Daylesford sides of the Shire. Generally the grass dries out earlier in the North and Western areas of the Shire such as Clunes and Drummond which means that these towns are slashed first compared to those towns in the Southern parts of the Shire such as Daylesford and Trentham. You can view the order in which the towns are slashed by clicking on the link below.

Hepburn Shire Council Road Side Slashing Program 2019


Gravel Re-sheet and Grading Program 2019

Council’s annual gravel re-sheet and grading program has commenced around the Shire.  The gravel re-sheet program involves the laying of new gravel, the re-establishment of drainage and culvert cleaning to 14kms of gravel roads around the Shire.  The annual grading program has also commenced which includes reformation and drainage improvements to several roads around the Shire.

Gravel Re-Sheet & Grading Program


Street Lighting

Public street lighting is primarily required to provide safe and comfortable movement at night for both pedestrians and vehicles.

Guidelines for the Provision of Streetlights in Local Roads