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Social Connectedness

Council, through our Home And Community Care program (HACC) provide opportunities for people to engage in social activities with the support of trained staff through our Activity Groups.

Eligibility for the HACC program is assessed prior to commencing any service, and is targeted for frail older people and their carers.

Planned Activity Groups Our Planned Activity Groups support an individual’s ability to live at home and stay connected to their community by providing planned activities in a safe and supported group environment.  These programs provide social, intellectual, physical and emotional stimulation, encourage independence and promote overall health and well-being. They can also provide respite and support for carers.

Activities undertaken by the groups are planned together with the group members.

Our Planned Activity Groups operate in Creswick and Daylesford. Transport to and from the centre can be arranged if required.

Activities In Motion (AIM) Our Activities In Motion or AIM Program works on a one-to-one basis with people with the aim of reconnecting them to community life, activities and community based services which are of interest to the client, including accessing the library, Neighbourhood Learning Centres.

Participation in the AIM program is short term and goal focused, with clients determining what their individual goals are and they are then supported to achieve these goals.