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Special Council Meeting Outcomes – 29 March 2021

  1. Approved the response to the Independent Panel’s recommendations for Amendment C80help as outlined in Attachment 1; with the wording change to Recommendation 15 that Council accept the Independent Panel recommendation but not limit the requirement for a permit to native vegetation.
  2. Adopted Planning Scheme Amendment C80hepb as exhibited with changes outlined in Attachment 2; and Insert at the end of the schedule to clause 74.02 – Further strategic work of the planning scheme document the following wording ‘Undertake a review of the mineral springs and aquifers throughout the Shire to ensure their appropriate environmental and heritage protection’
  3. Submitted the adopted Amendment to the Minister for Planning for approval;
  4. Approve to arranges a community information and consultation session to explain the outcomes of Amendment C80hepb and the Shires upcoming strategic planning work program; and
  5. Requests officers to prepare a report to Council that outlines the scope and priorities of the Strategic Planning Works Program, including settlement strategies, structure plans, heritage and environmental studies, and that the report is to be tabled in such time that allows for resourcing and funding needs to be considered in the preparation of the 2021/2022 Council budget.