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At last night’s meeting, Council considered an application for a 53 lot subdivision at 17 Smith Street, Daylesford.  Council decided to issue a notice of decision to grant a permit for a 42 lot subdivision.

Council’s approval was based on a number of conditions that will result in a better outcome for the Daylesford community.  These include:

  • Requirement to amend the plan to include 38 standard lots, 1 heritage lot and 3 super lots identified to be eco-villages
  • Retention of some trees and the original dwelling
  • Inclusion of public open space and further tree lined boulevards, including a community park
  • A minimum of 10% affordable housing be provided within the subdivision
  • Develop and supply Sustainable Housing Design Guidelines
  • Undertaking a traffic study.

These negotiated outcomes were achieved by the developer, Council and the community working together.