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Council’s e-tender portal


Hepburn Shire Council requires a wide range of goods and services to support Council’s activities. Council’s processes for purchasing goods and services are in accordance with the Local Government Act 1989 and Council’s Procurement Policy which aims to:

  • achieve consistency and control over procurement activities
  • demonstrate accountability to ratepayers
  • provide guidance on ethical behaviour in public sector purchasing
  • apply best practice in purchasing
  • obtain best value when purchasing goods and services and
  • support the achievement of Council objectives such as sustainable and socially responsible procurement; bottom-line cost savings, supporting local economies; achieving innovation; and better services for communities.

Council may seek suppliers through the following processes:

  • Request for Tenders (RFT) – a formal, public process involving tenders for all contracts for goods and/or services valued at $150,000 or more (GST Inc) or works valued at $200,000 or more. From time to time, public tenders may be called for procurements below tender threshold.
  • Request for Quotations (RFQ) – where suppliers are invited to submit a quotation in response to a request from the relevant Council department.

Council’s Procurement Policy requires staff to satisfy the following quotation requirements when purchasing goods/services/works:

  • $0-$5,000 – Minimum verbal quote
  • $5,001-$10,000 – Minimum one written quote
  • $10,001-$50,000 – Minimum two written quotes
  • $50,001-$150,000 – Minimum three written quotes (for goods/services)
  • $50,001-$200,000 – Minimum three written quotes (for works)

Council may also use an Expression of Interest (EoI) process to limit the number and focus the quality of submissions to be received from an RFT or RFQ process.

Council operates a decentralised purchasing system where RFTs/RFQs may come from any of our departments. Depending on the level of expenditure, Council is required to use different methods of procurement to ensure compliance with the Local Government Act and Council’s Procurement Policy.

To learn more about tendering for Council business, download the Doing Business with Local Government publication, a guide to better understand how to successfully become a supplier for local government.


Council’s E-Tender Portal

Council’s e-tender portal can be accessed via this link and simplifies the procurement process for Council and our suppliers. Posted on this portal are RFQs/RFTs/EOIs issued by Council and as a registered user you can download documentation, ask questions and respond online saving you valuable time. Registrations to use Council’s e-tender portal are free to suppliers.

e-tender portal


Purchase Order terms and conditions

Suppliers are encouraged to understand these terms and conditions and assess any impact to their business.

If a purchase order is part of a contractual arrangement, the nominated contract terms and conditions will over-ride the conditions of the purchase order.

Terms and Conditions – Purchase Goods and/or Services

Terms and Conditions – Purchase Order for Works


Supplier Code of Conduct (LGV & Hepburn)

Local Government Victoria has released a Supplier Code of Conduct that applies to all procurement activities, and Hepburn Shire Council has endorsed and implemented it.

Suppliers to the Council are advised to review the Code and ensure that relevant areas of their business and supply chain meet these standards.

LGV Supplier Code of Conduct – April 2021