Consultation now complete

Thank you to everyone who took part in the consultation on the draft concept designs for the Trentham Community Hub. The project team will now look at all feedback and consider how to incorporate community ideas in a revised design.

Some highlights of the draft design are:

  • Renovating the existing Mechanics Hall to repair and retain key building elements such as ceiling and wall linings, and roof structure.
  • Removal of the brick extensions to the Mechanics Institute
  • New library with children’s garden
  • Community meeting rooms
  • Council customer service counter
  • Visitor information

Below you can download a range of plans and drawings of the draft concept design.

Draft Concept Design Trentham Community Hub Floor Plan Option 1 No Permanent Stage

Draft Concept Design Trentham Community Hub Floor Plan Option 2 Permanent Stage

Draft Concept Design Trentham Community Hub View towards entry from High Street

Draft Concept Design Trentham Community Hub View from East Trent Creek Reserve

Draft Concept Design Trentham Community Hub View towards building from carpark

Draft Concept Design Trentham Community Hub – site plan

Draft Concept Design Trentham Community Hub – Finishes and Materials Moodboard

Draft Concept Design Trentham Community Hub Hall Function Space Moodboard



Once you have viewed the plans and drawings, and read the FAQs below, please click here to complete the survey.

If you are unable to use the internet to compete the survey, please call customer service on 5348 2306 and we will send you a hardcopy.



Council is committed to delivering the Trentham Community Hub.

First identified in the Trentham Community Facilities review, Council in 2018 determined to deliver the Trentham Community Hub at 66 High Street, Trentham, the site of the Mechanic’s Institute. The Trentham Community Hub will include the original hall and new additions.  The original hall of the Trentham Mechanics Institute will be retained and other parts of the building will be demolished.

The confirmed scope includes (and is limited to) library, visitor information, Council customer service, community meeting and function rooms, and original main hall.

A Project Advisory Group (PAG) was formed with expressions of interest from community members, to represent the broad range of community interests from both Trentham and the broader Coliban Ward. The PAG have met regularly and helped ensure the design process to date has reflected these community interests and needs.

Council is currently undertaking community consultation on the draft Concept Design for the Trentham Community Hub. Community feedback from this consultation will be used to improve and progress the design of the Trentham Community Hub.

Once the design is complete, Council will seek external funding for the construction of the Trentham Community Hub. External funding is necessary to augment Council’s $800,000 commitment towards the facility. It is important to design a facility that responds to community needs whilst being a realistic scale for government funding.


Trentham Community Hub – Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

What functions are included in the scope?

The Trentham Community Hub will include a new library, Council customer service, and visitor information, as well as the community hall and two meeting rooms.


Which location has been chosen for the Trentham Community Hub?

Council have committed to developing the Trentham Community Hub on the site of the Mechanics Hall – 66 High Street.


Are we keeping the Mechanics Hall?

Yes, the original hall will be retained and incorporated as part of the new facility. Updates will need to made to the hall to ensure compliance with current building standards. The original internal and external materials will be renovated and repaired.


What stage is the project up to?

Design has begun and a draft concept plan will be used for community consultation in August 2020.


How much will it cost?

Council endorsed a project budget of $3.5M in 2018.


How is it being funded?

Council is providing $800,000 towards the project, with the balance to be sought via external funding opportunities. The greater the cost of the design, the more difficult it will be to acquire external funding.


How was this scope developed?

In a 2018 community survey, the majority of the community supported this option, and Council subsequently committed in a Council resolution to the scope of the project.


How have community needs been considered in the development of the design?

The community needs have been identified in the following ways.

The Trentham Community Facilities Audit, developed in partnership with the community, identified the benefits a community hub would bring to Trentham.

The community has provided feedback into previous design schemes and this has been considered in this design phase.

A Project Advisory Group (PAG) is working closely to advise the design team on community priorities. The PAG members were chosen though an open expression of interest process, to best represent the broad range of needs for the Trentham and Coliban Ward community.

A draft concept design will be used to gain community feedback through a thorough community consultation process.


How can the community provide input into the design?

A community survey is being used to gain community feedback on the draft concept designs.


Has Council made a decision on the final design?

No, not yet. The feedback from the community consultation is critical to ensure the design can respond to the community need. After this feedback has been considered and incorporated into the design, Council will consider the revised design for adoption.


What will happen to the artefacts stored and hung in the Mechanics Institute?

All items in the Mechanics Institute will be retained/preserved. They may be vested in relevant community groups, or displayed in the new Hub once constructed.


What will the opening hours be of the new facility?

The opening hours of the new facility will be determined closer to the opening of the facility. The decision will consider community need, visitor needs, and staff and volunteering requirements. The bookable community spaces will be available during normal business hours as well as evening and weekends.

Will there be solar panels on the new Hub?

The design is allowing space to install photovoltaic solar panels.




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