The count of the responses received for the Trentham Postal Survey on the preferred location of the Trentham Hub will be held on Monday 6 August 2018.

Council would like to thank all community members within the Coliban Ward for their participation in the process.

The count of the surveys will be overseen by the Returning Officer, Mr Ron Ritchie, and will take place in the Trentham Library.

While the Library will be closed to the public on this date, Council is now taking nominations from members of the public to be scrutineers. Up to two scrutineers will be permitted as representatives of each site preference, therefore a total of four.

What is a scrutineer?

A scrutineer for the purposes of this postal survey is a person permitted to observe, and be present within the room when the surveys are sorted and counted so as they may confirm the integrity of election processes on behalf of the community.

For the purposes of this survey, each scrutineer will be required to attend the count within the Trentham Library from 10 am on Monday 6 August 2018 and commit to staying for the duration of the counting process.  Mobile phones and other devices with internet connectivity will not be permitted.

How do I nominate as a scrutineer?

Nominations will only be considered from eligible voters within the Coliban Ward.

To nominate as a scrutineer, please send your name and contact number to the Returning Officer, Mr Ron Ritchie, stating which Hub site you represent.  Nominations must be received by 5 pm on Thursday 2 August 2018.

In the event that the nominations received exceed the number of scrutineer positions available (two per site preference), the nominees will be drawn at random by the Returning Officer.  This draw will occur at his office in Mount Waverley at 10 am on Friday 3 August 2018 and the process will be overseen and verified by an independent observer.

The nominees successfully appointed under this process will be notified by phone or email on Friday afternoon.

Rules for Scrutineers of the Trentham Hub Postal Survey

A scrutineer appointed must:

  • Arrive at the Trentham Library by no later than 10 am on Monday 6 August 2018,
  • complete and sign a scrutineer appointment and undertaking form supplied by the Returning Officer,
  • inspect, but not touch, any survey paper at the count,
  • remain within the Trentham Library for the duration of the count, from 10 am until the result is announced by the Returning Officer in the presence of the Mayor,
  • direct all communication or questions through the Returning Officer

You must not:

  • Touch survey papers,
  • use an image recording device (such as a camera, a video recorder, or a camera or video-enabled mobile phone) in the counting location,
  • unreasonably delay or interfere with the progress of counting the surveys,
  • send or receive any correspondence (written, verbal or non verbal) with any person or party outside of the counting venue while the count is in progress and until the Returning Officer confirms that it is ok to do so

Should a scrutineer fail to adhere to the above guidelines, they may be asked to leave the venue.


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