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Septic Tanks

Onsite Wastewater Management Systems – Septic Tanks

Septic tank systems, also known as onsite wastewater management systems, are installed to treat any onsite wastewater produced on your property.  These systems are only installed in areas where reticulated sewer is not available.

Properties in a sewer district must connect to the reticulated sewer system provided by your Water Authority.   To check if your property is in a sewer district please contact either Central Highlands Water and Coliban Water.

Before you can install, replace or alter or use a system you must obtain the necessary septic permit from Council.   If a building permit is needed your building surveyor will ask for a copy of these septic permits before a building permit can be issued

All new septic system installations will need to have a Land Capability Assessment (LCA) of your property to decide the most suitable system to treat your wastewater. A copy of this report will need to be included with your permit application.

You may also need a planning permit before starting any work.  If a planning permit is needed your application to install, replace or alter a septic system cannot be assessed until you have received your planning permit.  Conditions on your planning permit may specify the choice, location and installation of your system.

Maintenance of the septic system is the responsibility of the system’s owner who needs to ensure the system is working correctly at all times.    It is important that a system is appropriately maintained to prolong the life span of the system.  Maintenance is guided by Council permits, EPA Certificate of Approval and the Code of Practice : Onsite Wastewater Management.

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