For over three years  Council has reviewed various waste to energy solutions aiming to transform organic waste otherwise sent to landfill into a valuable fuel resource.

We have identified a small scale, renewable energy solution which demonstrates clear economic, social and environmental benefits.

$650,000 funding under the New Energy Jobs Fund will enable Council to:

  • Process 1,500 tonnes of organic waste diverted from landfill annually
  • Create 5 ongoing jobs.
  • Reduce landfill and waste transportation costs by $280,000 annually
  • Generate renewable base load energy.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 200,000 tonnes over 20 years from avoided fossil fuel use and landfill methane emissions.
  • Demonstrate the economic and technical viability of this fast rate anaerobic digestion process
  • Highlight how smaller, scalable system design can be readily deployed to meet varying energy demands.

The system has been designed to readily scale up to process 40,000 tonnes of organic waste into the future in collaboration with neighbouring Councils.

The longer term innovative vision is to use the existing gas network to distribute ‘green gas’ from the Hepburn Waste to Energy plant to micro power generation sites in community facilities across the region.

This solution has the potential to be a catalyst for the growth of sustainable energy jobs in Victoria.

This project has the potential to encourage other Councils and organisations to understand the benefits of adopting this scalable waste to energy solution.

Watch this video to see how it will work…

(L-R: Cr John Cottrell, Mary-Anne Thomas MP, The Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio, Mayor Cr Sebastian Klein & Cr Don Henderson)


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