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Organics bin trial Clunes

Hepburn Shire Council is currently running a trial kerbside organics (food and garden) collection in Clunes (township) from March 2021. This service is being offered to residents for free during the trial. Residents will continue to have their landfill bin collected weekly, and recycling fortnightly.  Find out more about the service by exploring the links below.


Part of trial is also how the organics will be processed. In-vessel compost units located at Creswick Transfer Station are currently being tested. So far a few batches have been put through the units and system is operating well. More testing is occurring before a system for using the compost in the region is established.


The current trial in Clunes is due to finish at the end of March 2022. Hepburn Shire Council is considering extending the trial until September this year so more data can be gathered to inform future decisions on organics services across the Shire.


Over the warmer months residents might have noticed some more flies, bugs and smells. Here are some reminders to keep this to a minimum:

Shut it: Keep organics bins and kitchen caddies shut tight to prevent flies from entering the bin.

Shade it: Where possible, keep your organics bin in the shade to help keep the contents cool and reduce smell.

Freeze it: If possible, freeze meat, seafood or other smelly scraps and put them in the bin the night before collection.

Wash it: Regularly wash your bin and caddy to prevent build-up of scraps.

Hide it: You can add paper towels (unbleached preferably), newspaper, egg cartons and straw to caddies and bins. This helps to cover food and hide it from flies or bugs.