Waste requests

See below which option meets your needs.

Missed collection/ bin not emptied?

Check your bin day on our kerbside collection page to ensure you have the right day. 

Keep in mind collections can occur from 6am – 4pm on the day of collection, and the time may vary from week to week.

Some reasons your bin may be missed include:

  • It was not out by 6am on collection day
  • It was overfilled or too heavy
  • It contained incorrect items
  • Bins were obstructed by a car or tree
  • Bins were too close together
  • It was picked up, but contents did not empty
  • It was not an accredited bin
  • There were more bins presented than the property is eligible.

If the bin collection was missed due to an issue with the collection service we are sorry for the inconvenience. 

To report your missed bin call Council on (03) 5348 2306.


Need a new service or additional bins?

Use the New or additional collection forms below or visit a Council hub to request a printed form.

Request a new bin collection

Request additional bins

Please note: Property owners can request additional recycling and landfill bins. Township residents with a food organics and garden organics bin can request an additional bin from July 1 2024.

Once the form is submitted and processed, your new bins will be delivered within three business days. Fees are listed in the form.

All bins remain with the property when it is sold or rented.

Damaged, missing or stolen bin?

If your bin is damaged or stolen, log a service request online. Bin repair or replacement is free of charge.

Please leave your bin out for collection once a service request is logged.

If your bin is empty or has materials in it, it will still be swapped over. It will be repaired or replaced within three business days.