Asset protection

Permission is required by individuals, contractors and companies wanting to conduct works that risk damage to Council assets in the road, footpath or nature strip. This applies to individuals, contractors and companies. A permit enables Council to ensure mechanisms are in place to protect the public and the Shire’s assets.

When do you need an asset protection permit?

When private building activities on private land risk risk damaging Council’s assets within a road reserve, such as roads, footpaths or nature strip, for example, during demolition works, swimming pool installations, connecting services or building retaining walls.

Determining who is responsible for a road

If you carry out works which may risk damaging assets within the road reserve including a road, footpath or nature strip, you must apply for consent from the coordinating road authority.

VicRoads is the coordinating road authority for all freeways and many arterial roads. Council is the coordinating road authority for all other streets and laneways in the shire.

Roads in the Shire managed by Regional Roads (formerly VicRoads), are available on our Roads page.

How to apply for an asset protection permit

If Council is the coordinating road authority, please complete an application.

Asset Protection Permit Application

Asset Protection Permit Application(PDF, 153KB)

Read the Asset protection guidelines(PDF, 122KB).

Lodging an application for an Asset Protection Permit incurs a fee set by the Victorian Government. Fees depend on the road classification and work type. Please refer to the Schedule of Application Fees and Charges listed on the application form.

Important – Dial Before You Dig

To prevent damage and disruption to Australia’s vast underground pipe and cable network which carries essential services including electricity, gas, communications and water, it is important to locate these services before carrying out any works on your property.

To find out where pipes and drains are located, call Dial Before you Dig on 1100 or visit the Dial Before You Dig

Neglecting to dial 1100 before excavating can lead to costly disruption to essential services and injury or death to workers and the general public.  It can also lead to heavy financial penalties.




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