Warnings and information

Access to clear and up to date information is crucial during an emergency event. The best way to stay informed is to download the VicEmergency App to your smartphone. Real-time information is also available on their website Incidents and Warnings - VicEmergency or you can call the hotline on 1800 226 226.

Tuning in to the radio also helps you stay informed. In Hepburn Shire our emergency broadcaster is ABC local Radio.

If one of these frequencies doesn’t work, try the next

774 AM or 592 AM

91.1 FM or 107.9 FM or KLFM 96.5 or 106.3 FM

Keep up to date with weather forecasts here Official Australian weather and information


Emergency Warning System

Australia has a new Emergency Warning system. It provides consistent messaging about threat levels and action required for emergencies including bushfire, flood, storm, severe weather, and extreme heat. Warning levels are colour-coded starting at yellow, moving through orange and ending with red indicating the highest level of warning. The warning levels are summarised below, but more information can be found at Australian Warning System


Advice (Yellow) An incident is underway. There is no immediate danger but you need to monitor conditions and stay up to date in case the situation changes.

Watch & Act (Orange) The situation has escalated and you need to start taking action now to keep yourself and others safe.

Emergency Warning (Red) is the highest level of warning. You are now in danger and must take action immediately.

Emergency Warnings