Pet registrations

We appreciate that animals are an important part of a family. Registering dogs and cats is the best way to keep them safe and helps us to reunite you with your lost pet. The first year of registration is free or reduced for new animals.

Council runs a program offering a ‘free ride home’ if your registered pet is found wandering.

Each registration comes with a lifetime registration tag, which is best attached to your pet’s collar for easy identification by Council staff. If your registration tag is lost, a replacement can be provided for a small fee.

If your pet is already registered, a renewal form will be posted to you before your next registration payment in April each year.

Register your pet

Follow the steps below to submit your pet registration using our online form.

If unable to complete online forms, you are welcome to complete a printed application form at any of our Council Offices.

For further information, contact the Community Safety team on (03) 5348 2306.

Step one: Prepare your information.

Have digital copies of evidence of desexing and microchipping with you. If you are entitled to a concession, have your pensioner number with you.

Step two: Complete the online form.

Register your pet

Step three: If payment is required, our Customer Experience will contact you.

After you submit your registration and have paid any required fees, a lifetime animal identification tag will be provided to you.

If you prefer, you can also print out this Animal registration form, complete it and bring it, along with the required information and payment (if required), to a Council hub in Clunes, Creswick, Daylesford of Trentham. Find your nearest Council hub.

Microchipping and desexing

Microchipping your dog or cat is an excellent way to ensure that your pet can be easily identified if it strays or becomes lost. Staff, vets and animal shelters can scan the microchip and reunite you with your pet.

Desexing your dog or cat has health benefits and will save you money on your animal registration. It also reduces wandering or straying. 

Cost of registration - dogs



Dog - first year registration. Desexed and microchipped


Dog - first year registration. Not desexed


Desexed dog


Dog over ten years


Dog kept for breeding at a registered domestic animal business


Dog registered with approved association of which the owner is also a member


Dog that has undergone approved training as per regulations


Dog kept as working stock (primary production)


Menacing dog


Dog not included above


Dangerous/restricted dog breed



Cost of registration - cats



Cat - first year registration. Desexed and microchipped


Cat- first year registration. Not desexed


Desexed cat


Cat over ten years old


Cat kept for breeding at a registered domestic animal business


Cat registered with approved association of which the owner is also a member


Cat not included above


Keeping of other animals

Permits are required for keeping some animals such as sheep and goats on properties smaller than 2500square metres. Permits are required for keeping horses, donkeys and other agricultural animals on properties between 2500-4000 square metres. There are also limits on the number of dogs and cats at each household. See details on this and required permits on our Excess animal page.

Foster or adopt a pet

Are you looking for a new pet? Have you considered adopting or fostering from a rescue group or shelter? There are many animals in need of a loving home.

If you’re not able to take on a permanent pet right now, why not foster an animal to help it find a new home?

Visit - Ballarat Animal Shelter

Moving house?

Please let us know if you move within Hepburn Shire, so we can keep your registered pet’s address up to date. If you move away, let us know so we can update your registration. Call us on (03) 5348 2306. Don’t forget to register your pet once you move. 

Has your pet passed away?

We know it can be an emotional time if your cat or dog has died. Please let us know so we can update our records. Our condolences for your loss and our thanks for letting us know. See our contact us page for how to get in touch by phone or email.