Council meetings

Ordinary Meetings of Council are held on the third Tuesday of each month, commencing at 5:30pm, and are open to the public. These meetings are recorded and live-streamed to Council's Facebook page.

From March 2022, meetings will be held in person in the Daylesford Town Hall. (Please note the December 2022 Council Meeting will be held at Doug Lindsay Reserve, Creswick.)

Special Council Meetings

Council may hold a Special Meeting to consider a particular issue, such as the annual budget or election of the Mayor.

Special Council Meetings may be held to hear items such as:

  • Submissions regarding Council’s Budget and Council Plan
  • Election of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor & Civic Reception


Meeting dates 2023

Date and time

Tuesday 21 February, in person – 5:30pm

Tuesday 21 March, in person – 5:30pm

Tuesday 18 April, in person – 5:30pm

Tuesday 16 May, in person – 5:30pm

Tuesday 20 June, in person – 5:30pm

Tuesday 18 July, in person – 5:30pm

Tuesday 15 August, in person – 5:30pm

Tuesday 19 September, in person – 5:30pm

Tuesday 17 October, in person – 5:30pm

Tuesday 21 November, in person – 5:30pm

Tuesday 19 December, in person – 5:30pm (Location TBC)


Special Meetings

  • Election of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, Tuesday 14 November 2023, Daylesford Town Hall – 5:30pm