Council meetings

Ordinary Meetings of Council are held on the third Tuesday of each month, commencing at 5:30pm, and are open to the public. These meetings are recorded and live-streamed to Council's Facebook page.

From March 2022, meetings will be held in person in the Daylesford Town Hall.

Special Council Meetings

Council may hold a Special Meeting to consider a particular issue, such as the annual budget or election of the Mayor.

Special Council Meetings may be held to hear items such as:

  • Submissions regarding Council’s Budget and Council Plan
  • Election of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor & Civic Reception


Meeting dates 2023

Date and time

Tuesday 21 February, in person – 5:30pm

Tuesday 21 March, in person – 5:30pm

Tuesday 18 April, in person – 5:30pm

Tuesday 16 May, in person – 5:30pm (Esmond Gallery, The Warehouse – Clunes)

Tuesday 20 June, in person – 5:30pm

Tuesday 18 July, in person – 5:30pm

Tuesday 15 August, in person – 5:30pm

Tuesday 19 September, in person – 5:30pm

Tuesday 17 October, in person – 5:30pm

Tuesday 21 November, in person – 5:30pm

Tuesday 19 December, in person – 5:30pm (Location TBC)

Special Meetings

  • Public Exhibition of Draft Budget 2023/2024, Tuesday 23 May 2023, virtual – 3:30pm 
  • Consideration of the Draft Budget 2023/2024, Tuesday 27 June 2023, Victoria Park Pavillon, Daylesford – 4:30pm
  • Election of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, Tuesday 14 November 2023, Daylesford Town Hall – 5:30pm