When are my bins collected?

Search for your next bin collection or download and print a bin collection calendar (below). To find out what to put in each kerbside bin here.

What bin should I put out this week? Start typing your street address, then select it from the list:

Tips for finding your property

You will need to enter your address in the correct format to find it (without commas). Examples:

  • 2745 Midland Highway Newlyn VIC 3364
  • 27/21 Hospital Street Daylesford VIC 3460
  • 2a Water Street Creswick VIC 3363

If your address does not load, try typing just your street name to select from list. If you still can't find your address or notice something incorrect with collection schedule, please contact the Customer Service Team 5348 2306.

Printable kerbside collection calendars

Not sure which area you're in? See our township collection maps for Clunes(PDF, 542KB)Creswick(PDF, 3MB)Daylesford(PDF, 540KB)Hepburn/Hepburn Springs(PDF, 2MB)Trentham(PDF, 720KB).

Bin placement

Place bins out the night before your collection day to ensure your bins are emptied (or by 6am on the day of collection):

  • Place bins close to the gutter with the handles facing your house.
  • Place your bins apart, ideally 1m.
  • Ensure only permitted items are in your bin.
  • Do not overfill or place anything on top of the bins.
  • Place smaller bins closer to the side of the driver so they are visible.