Circular Economy

Council is committed to developing and promoting the Circular Economy to diversify our local economy and support our sustainability goals. This is a journey we take together with our residents and businesses to transition our economy from a linear, extractive model (Take - Make - Waste) to a circular and regenerative model (Rethink - Re-Use - Regenerate).  

This year (2024) we are proud to present the Circular Hepburn Toolkit for Business and Beyond, a suite of resources and tools designed to help Hepburn Shire businesses kick-start their Circular Economy journey, and join other businesses in building a local Circular Economy community of practice. Follow the link for more information.  

As part of the Sustainable Hepburn Strategy (2022-2026), Council has also been developing a Circular Economy Framework and Roadmap for the Shire. Find out more in the drop-down section below.  

For updates and invitations to engage with our Circular Economy work, please sign up to the Circular Economy e-news.

What is the circular economy?

The Circular Economy is about circulating materials, knowledge, money and nutrients so that nothing goes to waste and less new materials need to be sourced. True circularity maintains these flows as locally as possible through strategies like Re-use, Repair, Refurbish, and Remanufacture. Being more collaborative, inclusive, distributed, diverse and connected, the Circular Economy enhances resilience and provides the foundation for healthier, happier, growing and thriving communities. 

The Circular Economy is based on three principles: 

  • Design out waste and pollution  

  • Keep products and materials in use 

  • Regenerate natural systems 

These three principles are captured in our Circular Economy logo, which guides our work in this area: 

Circular economy logo and illustration

We are shifting to a system where we: regenerate natural systems; design out waste and pollution; and keep products and materials in use.

For a quick introduction to the Circular Economy watch this Youtube video:


Here are several resources to learn more about the Circular Economy and how it is being implemented in Australia and around the world:  

Our Circular Economy Framework and Roadmap

Council is committed to developing and promoting the circular economy to diversify our local economy and support our sustainability goals, a priority statement of Council Plan (2021-2025).  
 The Sustainable Hepburn Strategy (2022-2026), co-designed with the community, identifies key actions to transition the shire to a circular economy. Supported by a dedicated Circular Economy Officer, these actions include:  
  • Developing a Circular Economy Framework and Roadmap  

  • Integrating Circular Economy principles across Council operations, such as in waste management (resource recovery), procurement and engineering and works.  

  • Working with local and regional stakeholders to deliver Circular Economy outcomes, such as through partnership and flagship projects.  

Our priority will be on improving the circularity of our operations and demonstrating circular leadership, at the same time showcasing leadership within our Shire and developing tools and initiatives to assist community and business to evolve their own processes towards a more connected and circular local economy.  

The Circular Economy Framework and Roadmap is planned for release in early 2024. Any questions please contact: Jodi Newcombe, Circular Economy Officer,