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Annual Plans and quarterly updates

Annual Plans detail how Council will monitor progress on actions in each year’s Council Plan and quarterly progress reports are quarterly updates on progress.

An Annual Plan does not include all projects to be undertaken during the year. Some are delayed by government funding changes, project delivery delays of by COVID-19 pandemic impacts. If required, funding for delayed projects is carried forward into the next financial year. 

Quarterly progress reports are quarterly updates on how actions have progressed.

Annual Plan 2023 - 2024 - Q2(PDF, 433KB)

Annual Plan 2023 - 2024 - Q1(PDF, 397KB)

Annual Plan 2023 - 2024(PDF, 1MB)

Annual Plan 2022-2023 - Q4(PDF, 447KB)

Annual Plan 2022-2023 - Q3(PDF, 336KB)

Annual Plan 2022-2023 - Q2(PDF, 479KB)

Annual Plan 2022/2023 - Q1(PDF, 407KB)

Annual Plan 2022/2023(PDF, 945KB)

Annual Plan 2021/2022 - Q4(PDF, 658KB)

Annual Plan 2021/2022 - Q3(PDF, 318KB)

Annual Plan 2021/2022 – Q2(PDF, 278KB)

Annual Plan 2021/2022 – Q1(PDF, 373KB)

Annual Plan 2021/2022(PDF, 572KB)

Annual Plan 2020/2021 – Q4(PDF, 786KB)

Annual Plan 2020/2021 – Q3(PDF, 666KB)

Annual Plan 2020/2021 – Q2(PDF, 730KB)

Annual Plan 2020/2021 – Q1(PDF, 373KB)

Annual Plan 2020/2021(PDF, 3MB)

Annual Plan 2019/2020(PDF, 572KB)

Annual Plan 2019/2020 – Q3(PDF, 2MB)

Annual Plan 2019/2020 – Q2(PDF, 2MB)

Heritage studies