Preparing for an emergency

YOU are the person most responsible for your safety. The most important things you can do to keep yourself and your family safe are to plan and be prepared.

Being prepared improves the way you cope in an emergency and helps with your recovery afterwards.

Having an emergency plan in place, that everyone in the household is aware of, will help you think and act clearly when the time comes.

Some great templates are available to help you plan to keep your home and family safe. Don’t forget your pets and livestock when making your emergency plan.

Emergency preparedness guide | Australian Red Cross

Plan and stay safe (

Your Bushfire Plan | CFA (Country Fire Authority)

Planning for pets in an emergency

Great information for people with a hearing impairment can be found at Deaf Emergency Info

For tips on how to prepare your business check out Prepare your business for an emergency

For tips on protecting your finances and making sure you are adequately insured check out GSM financial toolkit

Have a bag packed with essential items. It can help reduce the impact of an emergency. For suggestions on what an emergency kit might contain check out Packing | Australian Red Cross