Governance Rules and Election Period Policy(PDF, 744KB)

6 (C) Revenue Collection and Financial Hardship Policy(PDF, 765KB)

7 (C) Recreation Policy(PDF, 80KB)

9 (C) Leases and Licences(PDF, 538KB)

12 (C) Tourism Policy(PDF, 70KB)

15 (C) Asset Management Policy(PDF, 463KB)

16 (C) Heritage Policy(PDF, 97KB)

19 (C) Outdoor Dining and Trading Policy(PDF, 258KB)

24 (C) Risk Management Policy(PDF, 871KB)

25 (C) Naming of Council Properties(PDF, 97KB)

30 (C) Privacy Policy(PDF, 3MB)

31 (C) Events Policy(PDF, 246KB)

32 (C) Film Policy(PDF, 157KB)

33 (C) Respectful Behaviours Policy(PDF, 425KB)

37 (C) Councillor Staff Interaction Policy(PDF, 560KB)

39 (C) Access and Inclusion Policy(PDF, 730KB)

40 (C) Public Art Policy(PDF, 112KB)

42 (C) Public Buildings Maintenance Policy(PDF, 60KB)

43 (C) Youth Policy(PDF, 88KB)

44 (C) Flags and Displays on Council Property Policy(PDF, 140KB)

45 (C) Fraud Prevention Policy 2021(PDF, 421KB)

46 (C) Procurement-Policy-2023(PDF, 684KB)

47 (C) Councillor Code of Conduct(PDF, 369KB)

48 (C) Community Facility Hire Fee Waiver Policy(PDF, 244KB) - in effect until 30 June 2023

48 (C) Affordable Access to Council Facilities Policy(PDF, 140KB) - in effect from 1 July 2023

49 (C) Our Commitment to the Human Rights Charter(PDF, 235KB)

50 (C) Treasury Management Policy 2021(PDF, 672KB)

60 (C) Plaques and Memorials on Public Land and Buildings Policy(PDF, 262KB)

61 (C) Special Rates and Charges(PDF, 138KB)

64 (C) Complaints Policy(PDF, 194KB)

74 (C) Public Interest Disclosure Procedures(PDF, 313KB)

75 (C) Community Planning Policy(PDF, 194KB)

78 (C) Vegetation Exemptions Protection(PDF, 1MB)

79 (C) Community Engagement Policy(PDF, 376KB)

80 (C) Council Expenses and Resources Policy(PDF, 6MB)

81 (C) Child Safe Policy(PDF, 76KB)

83 (C) Public Transparency Policy(PDF, 210KB)

84 (C) Councillor Gifts Benefits and Hospitality Policy(PDF, 518KB)

85 (C) Affordable Housing Policy(PDF, 600KB)

86 (C) Road Upgrade Policy(PDF, 460KB)

88 (C) CEO Employment and Remuneration Policy(PDF, 275KB)

92 (O) Communications and Social Media Policy(PDF, 249KB)

93 (C) Disposal and Acquisition of Land(PDF, 357KB)

94 (C) Grants Funding Policy(PDF, 241KB)

95 (C) Fair Access Policy(PDF, 148KB)

Governing policies

Governing Policy is the direction from Council as to its intentions in terms of governance and is set by and authorised by Council. Policy at this level is directional in nature and provides the Chief Executive Officer with a framework allowing management to make decisions within policy guidelines.  Council has adopted the following Governing Policies:

Governing Policy 1 – Core Values(PDF, 149KB)

Governing Policy 2 – Culture and Behaviour(PDF, 124KB)

Governing Policy 3 – Community Engagement(PDF, 125KB)  

Governing Policy 4 – Risk Management(PDF, 130KB)