Local laws

We have a set of local laws which operate to protect the amenity of Hepburn Shire and the safety of all. These laws cover many aspects of daily life – from general safety issues to aesthetic considerations.

We encourage all members of the community to take responsibility for maintaining the Shire as a safe and enjoyable place to be, by having regard for each other and by complying with the local laws.

Local Law No. 2

Local Law No. 2 covers most aspects of life in Hepburn Shire, including areas such as:

  • Public street and road usage
  • Burning of offensive materials
  • Keeping of animals
  • Alcohol consumption

Local Law No. 2 was adopted at the Council Meeting in February 2020.

Read Local Law No.2(PDF, 4MB)

Under Local Law No. 2, Permits must be obtained from the Shire for certain business activities, fundraising events, farming activities and fire management procedures, to ensure that they are conducted in a manner that protects the public safety and amenity for the whole community.

Local Law guidelines

The following guidelines have been developed to provide more advice in relation to Local Law No. 2 on:

Permits for Roadside Firewood Collection

You can apply for a permit to collect firewood from Council's road reserves at the following link: Roadside Firewood Permit Application Form. Please read the above Guidelines before applying.

Please note that the following link has information on which roads are managed by Hepburn Shire Council: Public Road Register 2021(PDF, 1MB). Additionally, of those roads managed by Council, the following link has a list of roads excluded from firewood collection permits due to their high biodiversity: List of Shire roads with high quality vegetation(DOCX, 19KB).

If you cannot apply online, please print and complete the following PDF: Roadside-Firewood-Collection-Permit-Application-Form.pdf(PDF, 94KB)

Forest Fire Management Victoria provides domestic firewood collection sites, please see their page firewood collection in your region. Their firewood collection periods are 1 March to 30 June and 1 September to 30 November.

Types of permits

If you are looking for a specific permit, you can search for it in the search bar at the top of our website. Below are some of the permits that apply to Local Law No. 2.


See our Business permits page for the list of permits required across each type of businesses.

The Outdoor Dining and Trading Permit is for any business using an A-frame signboard, and/or all outdoor furniture including tables and chairs, umbrellas, wind barriers and planter boxes.  

The Guidelines for our Outdoor Dining and Trading Permits can be read at the following link: Outdoor Dining and Trading Guidelines(PDF, 2MB)

If you wish to sell raffle tickets, set up a sausage sizzle or a short-term information stand on Council land, please apply for the following permit: Place items on a footway or road reserve - short term (e.g. street stall). (If you intend to sell food, please visit our Temporary food permit page for details.)

Obstruction permits

Obstruction permits are typically used for building-related activities, such as:

  • Fencing off part of a road/footpath
  • Using hoarding or overhead protective awning
  • Keeping a skip on Council land
  • Operating a mobile crane or travel tower
  • Excavating or reinstating an excavation
  • Occupying a parking bay in a time-restricted area

Click here to Apply for an Obstruction Permit.

Animal permits

Along with registering your dog or cat, you will need to apply for a Local Law Permit to own excess cats or dogs. You may also need a permit to keep certain other types of animals, especially on smaller properties. To find out about the numbers of animals you can own, or to apply for a permit, visit our Excess or other animals page.

Local Law No. 3

Local Law No. 3 provides the mechanisms to allow for enforcement to ensure the maintenance of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems. See our Domestic Wastewater Management page for more information.

Read Local Law 3(PDF, 149KB).

List of Local Law permits and applications

See our forms and fees page for a full list of forms.


Top Local Laws forms: