Inspections and investigations

Our planning staff conduct on-site inspections to assess planning permit applications. Planning Compliance Officers and other Authorised Officers may also visit sites to investigate suspected planning breaches.

Planning inspections

Inspections helps planning staff get a better understanding of development sites and their surrounds. This helps ensure the right decisions are made on planning permit applications.

Our staff must carry photo ID when entering private property. For more information about inspections, contact us on (03) 5348 2306.

Planning investigations

Our Planning Compliance Officers investigate properties to ascertain if they comply with the Hepburn Shire Planning Scheme and relevant planning legislation.

The main reasons for investigations are:

  • Suspected breaches of the Hepburn Shire Planning Scheme
  • Suspected breaches of the Planning and Environment Act 1987
  • Suspected breaches of applicable Section 173 Agreements
  • Non-compliance with the conditions of a Planning Permit, or suspected building works that differ from the endorsed plans of a development.

If we think you're unlikely to voluntarily comply with our requests within the required time, we will move on to the enforcement process.