Transfer stations

Council has three transfer stations for depositing selected waste and recyclables. Read the Transfer Station guidelines(PDF, 984KB).

Transfer stations are closed on Christmas Day, Good Friday and Code Red days.

Please note: final entry into the Transfer Stations is at 4:50pm*

Daylesford Transfer Station - Ajax Road

Operating hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – 9am to 5pm*

Wednesday – closed

Creswick Transfer Station - Ring Road
Operating hours:

Monday, Thursday, Friday– 12noon to 5pm*

Tuesday, Wednesday – closed

Saturday, Sunday – 9am to 5pm*

Trentham Transfer Station - Cosmo Road
Operating hours:

Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday – 9am to 5pm*

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – closed


Free green waste

During November we will offer free green waste disposal at each of our three transfer stations – Creswick, Daylesford, and Trentham.

This is your opportunity to get your property ready for the bushfire season.

Green waste includes tree branches, grass and leaf litter. Noxious weeds are not accepted.  

Free green waste disposal requirements:

• This only applies to residential properties within the Shire. Proof of residency in the Shire is required. 

• Separate your load - noxious weeds must be separated from clean green waste or other wastes.

• Excludes commercial quantities of waste (up to 2 cubic metres). 

For more information on noxious weeds visit Agriculture Victoria.

Tip shops

Tip shops are located at each of our transfer stations. Tip shops sell used, recycled and second-hand products that have been salvaged before going to landfill. Find a bargain at the Tip Shop and if you have items that might be good for the Tip Shop, let the team know when you arrive. Items will be accepted upon inspection by a team member.

Green waste

Green waste includes tree branches, grass and leaf litter. Noxious weeds are not accepted. For more information on noxious weeds visit Agriculture Victoria.

Green waste disposal is available year round with a small fee.

Council offers free disposal of green waste in November to help residents prepare for the fire danger period.


Mulch may be available throughout the year (pending supply) at transfer stations, for self-loading. Call customer service team on (03) 5348 2306 ahead to confirm availability.

Hard waste

Hard waste, such as furniture, bicycles and mowers can be taken to transfer stations – there are fees for some items. Reusable items are recovered for resale pending inspection by a team member.

As there is no transfer station in Clunes, an annual hard rubbish collection has been provided for Clunes township. Plans for 2023 hard waste collections are yet to be confirmed.

Hard plastic

Hard plastics include wheelie bins, bread crates and milk crates only. These items are accepted free of charge. Please ensure your hard plastics are clean before disposal.

E-waste Recovery Pilot at Daylesford Transfer Station

E-waste refers to any item with a plug, battery or cord that is no longer working or wanted. The Victorian Government banned e-waste from landfill as of 1 July 2019.

Recycling your e-waste is important, but if we can avoid creating it, that is even better. If you have an item that still works, consider trying to find a new home for it first – friends, family, sell it, donate it (check they are happy/can accept).

Our transfer stations accept e-waste for free from residents.

Items that are considered e-waste:

  • Televisions, printers, computer equipment (including monitor and mouse)
  • Small appliances – irons, toasters, kettles
  • DVD players, microwaves
  • Phones, chargers, tablets
  • Light bulbs
  • Toys with batteries

Starting from February 6 2023 Hepburn Shire Council is trialing an e-waste recovery pilot at Daylesford Transfer Station.

E-waste items that pass a visual inspection will be test and tagged, and available for purchase through our tip shop. Test and tagging ensures an electrical item is safe to use but does not guarantee function. 




  The following items are not accepted at the transfer stations 

Asbestos and cement sheeting

Our transfer stations do not accept asbestos, or any material that may contain asbestos such as cement sheeting, old linoleum, vinyl tiles and electrical fittings.

 Asbestos can be dangerous to human health when not handled, removed or disposed of safely.

Click through links to find out how to determine what may contain asbestos,  a list of licensed asbestos removalists and landfill sites that accept asbestos (the closest ones are Campbells Creek, Eaglehawk and Smythesdale). Find out more about asbestos.


Commercial or industrial waste

Transfer stations have limited capacity and therefore we do not accept commercial quantities of waste or recycling onsite. Non-commercial quantities of industrial waste such as clean concrete, building site rubble and bricks can be accepted at Daylesford Transfer Station only for $52/cubic metre. 


Cooking oil

Cooking oil can be safely disposed of at Detox Your Home events. Detox Your Home is a safe, free and easy-to-use service to dispose of toxic household items that cannot.

The City of Ballarat Transfer Station is a permanent drop off location for the Detox Your Home Program. Visit Detox Your Home to find out more. 


Household chemicals

Our transfer stations do not accept household chemicals for disposal, and they are not accepted in kerbside bins. 

The City of Ballarat Transfer Station on Gillies Street South is a close, permanent drop-off site for the Detox Your Home program. Ballarat Transfer Station currently does not accept pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and nail polish remover, or chemicals used by businesses for industrial and commercial purposes.

Detox Your Home is a safe, free and easy-to-use service to dispose of highly toxic, unwanted household chemicals. This includes solvents, poisons and cleaning products. For a list of upcoming events and items they accept visit Detox Your Home



Noxious weeds

Noxious weeds are not accepted at our Transfer Stations. For more information on noxious weeds visit Agriculture Victoria.

Solar panels

Solar panels are not currently accepted at transfer stations. Ballarat Transfer Station and Macedon Ranges Transfer Stations are locations nearby and accept panels for a cost.


Transfer station disposal fees

Description of charge 
Fee 2022/2023 incl. GST 
Domestic Waste & Recyclables
 Standard garbage bag (approx. 120 litre)
 Car/Boot load (½ m³ max)  $26.00
 Utility/Small trailer (1.0 m³ max)  $52.00
 Small truck/ Tandem trailer (2.0 m³ max)  $104.00
 Other Loads that are non-commercial / m³  $52.00
 Commercial or industrial waste  Not accepted
 Clean green waste up to ½ m³  $13.00
 Clean Green Waste / m³  $22.00
 Woody weeds / m³  Not accepted
 Comingled recyclables – up to 240L bin  $8.00
 Comingled recyclables – ½ m³  $18.00
 Comingled recyclables per m³  $34.00
 Separated recyclable cardboard and paper  No charge
 Wheelie bins, bread crates and milk crates (clean)  No charge
 Car $8.00
 Light truck $34.00
 Truck  $68.00
 Tractor - small $142.00
 Tractor - large $219.00
 Rims only  No charge
 Paint - 4L container or smaller* $3.50
 Paint - 5L container or greater* $6.00
 Empty paint containers - recyclable* No charge
 Motor oil No charge
 Batteries No charge 
 Scrap steel No charge
 Non-ferrous metals No charge
 Refrigerators and freezers (degassed / gassed) $22.00
 Televisions / computers No charge
 Other e-waste items No charge
 Mattresses $30.00

Note: Commercial waste and recycling quantities not accepted. 

* Daylesford Transfer Station only