Trees and vegetation

Council is responsible for trees on nature strips within the 50/60km zone of townships and the many Avenues of Honour throughout the Shire.  We also undertake tree and vegetation control on road reserves for sight distance and to maintain a clear carriage way.  

We conduct fire prevention slashing of roadsides in the lead up to and during the fire danger period. 

For requests related to street/roadside trees (either urban or rural) including dangerous trees, pruning, trimming, removal of fallen street/road trees and limbs raise a service request.

For assistance or to report fallen trees or limbs on roads and other road hazards outside normal business hours contact us.

Overhanging or encroaching trees and vegetation between private properties is not the responsibility of Council and should be resolved between property owners. 

The Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria can help you with dispute resolution around neighbourhood issues and can be contacted on 1800 658 528 or via their website. 

Victoria Legal Aid provides legal information about cutting branches or removing roots, protected trees, clearing native vegetation and resolving disputes with neighbours.

Read about our Significant tree register and how to make a nomination.

Read Council’s Tree Management Plan(PDF, 8MB) and Street Tree Planting Plan 2022(PDF, 1MB).  These plans guide how Council we will manage our trees and plantings into the future.

Noxious weeds on private properties

The removal and control of noxious weeds on private property and on nature strips is the sole responsibility of the owner under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994.

Do you recognise noxious weed?
Council has developed a flyer on noxious weeds that we can't legally accept at our transfer stations.
The flyer identifies some of the most common noxious weeds that must be treated within a landholder’s property. The State laws restrict the movement of noxious weeds and aim to prevent further spread along roadsides and into disposal facilities that could further distribute weeds.
Pick up a copy of the noxious weed guide at our transfer stations, libraries or customer service centres or click here.