Commercial waste

Council offers elective waste collection services for commercial and industrial businesses. This service is an extension of Council’s household waste collection service and is for domestic waste only.

Please note, waste generated from industrial or commercial operations, such as offcuts, construction material, metal or timber is not accepted in kerbside collection.

Service fees 2023/2024

For commercially rated businesses within township boundaries, Council offers:

  • 240 litre general landfill (rubbish) bin service emptied once a week for $484 annually
  • 240 litre mixed recycling bin, emptied fortnightly for $131 annually

Additional bins are available (*on request and with payment) if there is the ability to present kerbside and not impact on footpath and parking.

To ensure items can be processed efficiently, please be aware of what goes in your bin. Learn more about what is accepted in our kerbside collection.

To apply for services or additional services for your business, visit our waste requests page.