Request an extension of time for your planning permit

The application for an extension of time on a planning permit must be submitted:

  • Before the permit expires, or
  • Within 6 months after the permit expires, or
  • Within 12 months after the permit expires, if the development lawfully commenced within the permit timeframe.

If you submit your request outside these times, Council and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal  (VCAT) cannot extend the permit. A new application for a planning permit must be submitted. 

There is no guarantee that the request will be approved. Each request is assessed individually and the delegate has authority to issue a refusal if the request is deemed inappropriate.  

Step 1.

Complete and submit the online application form which can be found below.

You must provide your application number and the reason for the extension. If you have commenced works, you must provide supporting documents with your request.

Step 2.

Pay the application fee. The fee to request an extension is between $293 and $654, depending on the number of previous requests you have made. You can make the payment over the phone by contacting the Customer Service team on 03 5348 2306. Your application will only be processed once payment has been received.

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