Invite mayor or councillors

Would you like our Mayor to open an event, welcome guests to our Shire or present an award? Would you like a Councillor to attend a function or event?

The following guidelines apply if the Mayor or Councillor is attending in an official capacity.

Who to invite? 

  • Council’s principle representative is the Mayor
  • When the Mayor is unable to attend, the Deputy Mayor will be Council’s representative.
  • When the Mayor and Deputy Mayor are unable to attend, the Mayor will nominate a Councillor
  • If you are seeking a ward representative this will be your ward councillor.


Please send your invitation with as much notice as possible, preferably six weeks in advance. 

Complete online invitation

We prefer you to complete an online invitation (above), but you can also submit your invitation in writing to or 

Executive Assistant to the CEO and Councillors, 
Hepburn Shire Council, 
PO Box 21
Daylesford 3460 VIC.

Include the following details:

  • Start and finish time and date
  • Location
  • Purpose of the event
  • Recommended Mayor or Councillor arrival and departure times
  • Dress code, if required
  • If parking near the event is restricted, suggest nearest alternatives
  • If the event is ticketed, include complimentary passes for the Mayor or Councillor(s) with their invitation 
  • Indicate if you’d also like to invite the Mayor or Councillor’s partner.

Need a speech delivered?

Send through the following details at least two weeks before your event:

  • Speech topic
  • Start time
  • Allocated time
  • Agenda/proceedings
  • Details of inviting organisation and purpose.

Please note that traditional land owners will be officially acknowledged in every speech.

Greeting Council guests

Make sure your organisation’s representative greets and escorts the Mayor or Councillors to the event, seat or hall. Introduce the Mayor or Councillors to other dignitaries and organisation leaders and brief them about the order of proceedings.

Order of introduction

  • Federal MPs (if present)
  • State MPs (if present)
  • Mayor
  • Deputy Mayor
  • Councillor/s.

Formal terms of address

Mayor = Initially “The Mayor /Deputy Mayor of Hepburn Shire Council, Cr Joe Bloggs” or “Councillor Joe Bloggs”, then Cr Bloggs or Mr/Madam Mayor.

Councillor deputising for the Mayor is “Councillor Jane Smith who is deputising for the Mayor in his/her absence.” 

After formal introductions, forms of address are at the Mayor’s or Councillor’s discretion. Ask them how they’d like to be addressed.

Did your event have Council support?

When preparing event documents, marketing collateral or signs for a Council grant-funded event, check they meet the terms and conditions associated with the grant funding. The Events Team will be able to provide advice on this. Contact them via email at


Council officers manage and process official invitations for the Mayor and Councillors with invitation issuers. If you’re not sure what you would like the Mayor or Councillor to do at your event, or if you have any questions, contact the Executive Assistant to the CEO and Councillors on 5321 6423 or email