Council 2024/2025 Budget adopted

Published on 25 June 2024

Budget 2024-25 front page

Hepburn Shire Council adopted its 2024/2025 Budget today.

Victorian councils, and in particular Hepburn Shire, have been adversely impacted financially by a sub-CPI rate cap environment, increased costs due to inflation, natural disasters including storms and floods, increasing community and government expectations and limited alternate income streams. 

Mayor, Cr Brian Hood, said that this is the fourth and final year Budget under our current Council Plan and it funds important services such as roads, parks, waste and recycling and more. 

“Like many other Victorian councils, Hepburn Shire Council must make difficult financial decisions to ensure its long-term economic viability,” said Cr Hood

“The budget has a strong focus on the completion of current works, projects and infrastructure, services and programs.  Councillors have chosen to increase rates at 2.75 per cent as per the maximum rate set by the State Government, which is below the current CPI rate of 3.6 per cent for the period to March 2024.

“Our Shire revenue is expected to be $40.7 million, while our operating expenses are projected to be $42.8 million. The budget also includes the capital works program of $8.4 million encompassing roads, infrastructure, improvements to assets and completion or progression of community facilities.”

“While there is little room for any new projects, community consultation on the budget attracted some important community feedback that was considered by officers and Councillors, and will be used to inform future financial planning. We received just over 20 submissions.”

“We will continue to listen to the community’s needs and strive to deliver high quality services that align with our community’s priorities and expectations.”

The budget endorsed a reduction in operational costs by $1.5 million, while striving to minimise the consequent impact on service delivery.  Financial pressures are mounting across government, business, and communities. The Victorian local government sector faces challenges that will most likely lead to potential changes to Council’s service offering and capacity to invest in infrastructure. 

Council is committed to the delivery of a revised long-term financial plan and will engage with the community through July on a Financial Vision, with adoption to be considered in September.

Council needs to find an additional $4 million in revenue and savings in coming years to develop a financially responsible long-term financial plan that delivers on our shared Community Vision.

“We want to hear from the community as we plan for future financial sustainability, delivering the services they need and managing our assets responsibly,” said Cr Hood.

More information on engagement activities for the Financial Vision will be found at when available.