More funding for June Storm Recovery Works

Published on 10 June 2022

Debris on the roadside from the June storm

One year on from the devastating storm that impacted our Shire on 9 June 2021, Bushire Recovery Victoria (BRV) have announced additional funding to assist with work on community assets and public land.  This will include works on key public assets like heritage railways, tourist walking trails, fire access tracks and recreation reserves.

According to BRV, the eligible works include those required to clean up community asset/facilities or land to its pre-disaster function in preparation for any rebuilding works, including the assessment and management of hazardous trees.

Some of the community assets selected in Hepburn Shire are the Daylesford Spa Country Railway, Domino Trail, Wombat Trail, Stony Creek Reserve and Lyonville to Bullarto Reserve.

Mayor, Cr Tim Drylie, said that advocacy by the Council on behalf of the community was integral to attracting this funding. 

“We are really pleased with this announcement and that some important community assets impacted by the storm will restored so that they can be enjoyed again,” said Cr Tim Drylie.

CEO, Bradley Thomas, said that he was very proud of the work that his staff and the storm recovery team have done to support our community over a challenging year.

“We have a team a dedicated staff working with storm affected residents, but we’ve had so many other staff in the organisation assist with storm relief and recovery efforts,” said Mt Thomas.

Daylesford Spa Country Railway Vice President, Steven Fiume, said that Daylesford Spa Country Railway volunteers are elated by the news that works will soon begin to clear the section of railway between Musk and Bullarto that was devastated in the June 2021 storm.

 “The magnitude of the destruction is overwhelming, it’s not until you actually see it for yourself do you understand the scale, that’s its far beyond the capacity of a volunteer non-profit organisation to deal with.”

“The railway would like to thank the Councillors, officers and staff of Hepburn Shire for their support and advocacy over the past 12 months to achieve this outcome,” said Mr Flume.