Report issues with roads

Published on 14 June 2023

Rural road Dean

Council is receiving quite a few calls to report issues with roads and we appreciate the feedback. Many of the reports relate to roads which are under the management of Regional Roads Victoria and we're not able to do any work on them.

These roads include:

  • Midland Highway
  • Daylesford Trentham Road
  • Daylesford Malmsbury Road
  • Ballan Daylesford Road
  • Creswick Newstead Road (to Campbelltown)
  • Clunes Creswick Road
  • Melbourne Road, Creswick
  • Ballarat Daylesford Road
  • Vincent St North/Main Road, Hepburn Springs 
  • King Street, Daylesford
  • Main Road, Hepburn Springs
  • Daylesford Newstead Road (from Franklinford)
  • Ballarat Maryborough Road
  • Trentham Kyneton Road
  • Myrniong Trentham Road (Blackwood Road)
  • Daylesford Malmsbury Road
  • Daylesford Ballarat Road (Dean Road from Newlyn)
  • Clunes Talbot Road
  • Bungaree Creswick Road.
  • Hepburn Newstead Road

If you want to report an issue on these roads visit or phone 13 11 71. To report an issue with a Council-managed road visit or call us on (03) 5348 2306.