Energy rating

All new homes and some additions and alterations need to comply with the six-star standard energy rating. To future-proof your home, it’s best to aim for a higher rating. You will create more environmentally friendly houses that consume less energy to heat and cool, are more comfortable to live in and that also comply with current building regulations.

If extending or altering an area of the home that is less than 50% of the building’s original volume, only the new section will need to be rated six stars. More than 50%, and the entire building will require a six-star energy rating.

Energy raters

An accredited energy rater needs to review your building plans, ensuring they meet energy rating guidelines. The rater will produce an energy report for you to submit as part of your building permit application.

Find an accredited energy rater at:

Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA)

Building Designers Association of Victoria

Commercial buildings

All non-residential buildings will require a National Construction Code (NCC) Section J Report when applying for a Building Permit. The report outlines how the proposed building complies with energy efficiency requirements. The NCC can be found at