Frequently asked questions

How do I work out my cost of works?

Add the following:

Cost of labour (even if you are carrying out works as an owner builder) +

Cost of materials +


= the project’ commercial value.

If you are an owner builder, include a breakdown of the cost of works with your application to help the building surveyor understand how you came to that figure.

What if my works are under $5,000?

The cost of works no longer determines whether a building permit is or is not required.  Always check with a qualified building surveyor if a permit is needed before starting works. There are serious consequences if works are constructed without a permit. Read more about illegal and unsafe buildings.

Why wasn’t I notified of my neighbour’s building works?

Unlike the planning permit process, the building permit process does not require neighbours to be notified of proposed works if the proposal meets all relevant laws. Where works do not meet siting regulations, an applicant must obtain Council consent. In this case, adjoining neighbours may be notified and allowed to provide comment on the proposal.

Does Council have a copy of my building plans?

Yes. Council is required to keep a copy of all building permits and plans issued in the municipality. If Council does not issue the permit, the private surveyor is required to provide a copy to Council within seven days of issuing. 

Council’s Building Services, can provide copies of documents relating to your property. Council requires written permission from the property owner to release documents to any third parties. To request document complete the

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