Dump points

Appropriate waste disposal is an important part of caravanning and camping. One part of going on a road trip in a caravan is having to regularly empty your toilet waste into a public dump point station.

If you are staying at caravan parks there should be dump point facilities available for you to use, however if your entire trip is on the road, you may need to find a public dump point.

Dump points offer a place for users of caravans and motorhomes to dispose of grey and black water, as well as sewage waste. Visiting a dump point is the most environmentally friendly method of disposing of this kind of waste. (Other methods may also be illegal.)

Dump point locations:
  • A free public dump point is located at 70 Bailey Street, Clunes.
  • Daylesford Holiday Park, located at 3021 Ballan Daylesford Road, Daylesford.
  • Jubilee Lake Holiday Park in Daylesford, 151 Jubilee Lake Road, Daylesford.
  • Creswick Holiday Park, 12 Cushing Avenue Creswick.  

Before visiting a dump point, try to call ahead to confirm the opening hours and whether there are costs for this service if you are not a guest of the holiday park. Make sure you read your caravan’s manual as each model could have different methods for waste removal.