Council administers a variety of grants programs to support community groups.  If your project does not align with the programs below, check out the Hepburn Grant Finder website. It’s a powerful search tool which will show you funding available from all levels of government and philanthropic organisations across Australia.  Register free to create watch lists, receive email alerts for funding opportunities and get tips to help you apply for grants.

Community Grants Program (closed)

Our Community Grants Program provides $65,000 funding annually to community groups and organisations on a quarterly basis.  Community groups and organisations can apply under categories that align with the Council Plan for up to $2,500, including Active and engaged communities, Quality community infrastructure, Sustainable environment, Children’s program and Charitable purposes. Read the guidelines for the Community Grants Program(PDF, 602KB).

The grants are now closed.

Biodiversity Grants (open)

Groups are invited to apply for grants of up to $5,000 for projects that align with the objectives of the Hepburn Biodiversity Strategy.   These grants support environment groups and the diverse work being done to protect and enhance our natural landscapes.  They are an important part of the Shire’s Biodiversity Strategy, which aims to partner with committed local environment groups. Read the guidelines(PDF, 383KB). Applications are open until 5pm on Monday 6 June 2023.

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Towards Zero Community Grants (closed)

Towards Zero Community Grants Program is open once a year and aims to support projects within the Shire that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, through reduced energy consumption, carbon draw-down and/or increasing the use of renewable energy in community facilities. Read the guidelines for the Towards Zero Community Grants 2022(PDF, 350KB).

Providing Council with a tax invoice

If successful in your grant application, your group will be required to submit an invoice for funding.  Find out more about tax invoice requirements(PDF, 218KB)

You can use this tax invoice template(DOCX, 33KB).