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Artist – Joanne Mott

Lunaris is inspired by time and space in Clunes, Victoria, Australia. It is a response to the geology, landscape, history and the presence of the moon. Lunaris combines art forms both old and new, these being the sculpting of earthworks, which dates back to Neolithic times and Augmented Reality (AR), a new media technology.  An AR application will allow you to explore the moon with your smart device, turning the circular paved arena alive with lunar layers to when you direct your smart device camera at it.


Skate Park, Bailey Street, Clunes

To load and operate the AR app please select below options for android or ios devices:


This application can be installed on the following devices:

  • iPhone 5 or newer
  • iOS 10.0 or newer
  • Android 6.0 or newer.


AR engagement relies on your device “reading” the unique tiling pattern on the arena. It must be clear of objects (including people!)

  1. Start by standing centrally on the grass mound.
  2. Point your device at the centre of the paved arena.
  3. Hold still to engage Lunaris AR. It may help to raise and tilt device to gain a more aerial view of the arena.
  4. Keep your device locked into the arena by always pointing your camera toward the pavement.
  5. Walk around the arena while viewing the Lunaris AR.

Extra tips:

  • Shadows, glare, rain, objects and light conditions impede engagement and effectiveness of AR tracking.
  • Do not face into the sun.
  • Re-engage by taking in a larger pavement area with your camera.