Improve accessibility

We have developed this guide - Accessibility Guide for local businesses to assist businesses understand what they can do to make their business more accessible and inclusive.

Accessibility guide for local businesses - pdf(PDF, 2MB)

Accessibility guide for local businesses - Word document(DOCX, 4MB)

Tourism Victoria, with the support from the Office for Disability, Department of Human Services, has released Accessible tourism: it’s your business, an accessibility resource kit to raise awareness and support the Victorian tourism industry to become more accessible and inclusive. Find out more.

Council has developed a practical guide to help make all events more accessible for people with a disability and for frail, older people. Read the Accessible Events Guide(PDF, 783KB). It gives information and guidance on ‘best practice’ that will open up a section of your potential market that is often overlooked and will help you to meet existing legal responsibilities.

Events come in different sizes and cover a wide range of activities. It may be a small community fete, consultation, forum or a large music festival. Whatever size, they have common issues including planning, safety, insurance, contingency planning, marketing and disability access. 

Read more about what is available for people to get around our Shire on our Access around the Shire page.