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Council Policies

Hepburn Shire Council Governance Rules and Election Period Policy – 25 August 2020

6 (C) Revenue Collection and Financial Hardship Policy

7 (C) Recreation Policy

9 (C) Council Owned and Controlled Property

12 (C) Tourism Policy

15 (C) – Asset Management Policy

16 (C) Heritage Policy

19 (C) Placement of Fixed and Temporary Furniture, Signs and Outdoor Dining Facilities on Road Reserves

24 (C) Risk Management Policy

25 (C) Naming of Council Properties

30 (C) Privacy Policy

31 (C) Events Policy

32 (C) Film Policy

33 (C) Respectful Behaviours Policy

37 (C) Councillor Staff Interaction Policy

39 (C) Access and Inclusion Policy

40 (C) Public Art Policy

42 (C) Public Buildings Maintenance Policy

43 (C) Youth Policy

44 (C) Flags and Displays on Council Property Policy

45 (C) – Fraud Prevention Policy 2021

46 (C) Procurement Policy 2021

47 (C) Councillor Code of Conduct

48 (C) Community Facility Hire Fee Waiver Policy

49 (C) Our Commitment to the Human Rights Charter

50 (C) Treasury Management Policy 2021

60 (C) Plaques and Memorials on Public Land and Buildings Policy

61 (C) Special Rates and Charges

64 (C) Complaints Policy

74 (C) Public Interest Disclosure Procedures for Hepburn Shire CouncilĀ 

75 (C) Community Planning Policy

78 (C) Vegetation Exemptions Protection

79 (C) Community Engagement Policy

80 (C) Council Expenses and Resources Policy

81 (C) Child Safe Policy

83 (C) Public Transparency Policy

84 (C) Councillor Gifts Benefits and Hospitality Policy

85 (C) Affordable Housing Policy

86 (C) Road Upgrade Policy