Old Hepburn Hotel

Council adopted Planning Scheme Amendment C82 - Heritage Overlay on 21 December 2021. View the Council minutes - part one(PDF, 43MB) and part two(PDF, 39MB).

The amendment applies a new Heritage Overlay to a heritage place in Hepburn – The Old Hepburn Hotel, 236 Main Road Hepburn

Land affected by the Amendment

The amendment applies to the Old Hepburn Hotel and its curtilage located at 236 Main Road Hepburn

Why is the Amendment required?

The amendment is required to recognise and protect places of heritage significance. It does this by:

Applying a new permanent Heritage Overlay (HO987) to land at 236 Main Road, Hepburn to protect the Old Hepburn Hotel and its curtilage.

Where can I see the Amendment documentation?

You can inspect all documents relating to the amendment free of charge on the C82 Amendment page on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning’s website.

Viewing of submissions

Exhibition of the amendment concluded on Thursday 4 March 2021. You can view all submissions below, which have been redacted to protect submitters’ privacy: