Council performance

Our performance is reported on in a number of ways, including through our annual report and the results of a yearly community satisfaction survey.

Annual Reports

These report on what Council planned to do and our progress against these commitments. They include annual highlights and assess our priorities outlined in the annual plan. For details on the Annual Plan visit Plans, strategies and studies.

The 2022-2023 Annual Report(PDF, 14MB) should be read in conjunction with the full financial report and our performance statements: 



2020-2021 Annual Report(PDF, 9MB) and Financial Report(PDF, 2MB)


2019-2020 Annual Report(PDF, 7MB) and Financial Report(PDF, 12MB)


2018-2019 Annual Report(PDF, 3MB) and Financial Report(PDF, 592KB)


2017- 2018 Annual Report(PDF, 4MB) and Financial Report(PDF, 1MB)


2016-2017 Annual Report(PDF, 4MB) and Financial Report(PDF, 1006KB)

Community Satisfaction Surveys

Every year, 400 residents and ratepayers are surveyed by phone, independently of Council, on how we performed. Results are benchmarked against a state-wide average and other small rural shires. 

The survey's main objective is to assess Council's performance across a range of measures and to seek insight into ways to provide improved or more effective service delivery.

2024 Community satisfaction survey report(PDF, 3MB)

2023 Community satisfaction survey report(PDF, 3MB)

2022 Community satisfaction survey report(PDF, 3MB)

2021 Community satisfaction survey report(PDF, 4MB)

2020 Community satisfaction survey report(PDF, 6MB)

2019 Community satisfaction survey report(PDF, 2MB)

2018 Community Satisfaction Survey report(PDF, 2MB)

2017 Community Satisfaction Survey report(PDF, 2MB)

2016 Community Satisfaction Survey report(PDF, 5MB)

2015 Community Satisfaction Survey report(PDF, 705KB)