Budget and finance

Annual Budgets set out how Council plans to allocate revenue, expenditure and resources to deliver services, facilities and projects across the Shire each year.

They take into account Council Plan objectives over the long term (10-Year Financial Plan), medium term (Council Plan) and short term (Annual Budget).

Annual Budgets

Budget 2024-2025(PDF, 2MB)

Budget 2023-2024(PDF, 2MB)

Budget 2022-2023(PDF, 3MB)

Budget 2021-2022(PDF, 2MB)

Budget 2020-2021(PDF, 2MB)

Budget 2019-2020(PDF, 2MB)

Budget 2018-2019(PDF, 1MB)

Budget 2017-2018(PDF, 2MB)

Budget 2016-2017(PDF, 1MB)

Budget 2015-2016(PDF, 778KB)

Budget 2014-2015(PDF, 2MB)

Budget 2013-2014(PDF, 2MB) 

Annual Financial Reports

Council’s Annual Financial Reports show how Council has spent its money each year. They include reports on Council’s financial position, its liabilities, assets,  key managers’ remuneration and an independent auditor's report among other things.

They include a Performance Statement and Financial Statements. From 2020, Council issued Performance Statements separately.

Performance Statements show how Council performed against its set indicators and measures.

Financial Statements are audited financial statements prepared in accordance with the Australian Accounting Standards. 

2022/2023(PDF, 13MB)

2021/2022(PDF, 12MB)

2020/2021(PDF, 2MB)

2019/2020(PDF, 12MB)

2018/2019(PDF, 592KB)

2017/2018(PDF, 1MB)

2016/2017(PDF, 1006KB)

2015/2016(PDF, 286KB)

2014/2015(PDF, 2MB)

Annual Performance Statements

2022/2023(PDF, 3MB)

2021/2022(PDF, 3MB)

2020/2021(PDF, 1MB)

2019/2020(PDF, 752KB)

Capital Project and Operating Project Reports

Quarterly Capital Project and Operating Project reports summarise the financial performance and current activities being undertaken in relation to each of Council’s adopted and funded projects.

Capital Projects 30 September 2023(PDF, 193KB)

Special Projects 30 September 2023(PDF, 123KB)

Capital Projects Report March 2022(PDF, 4MB)

Special Projects Report March 2022(PDF, 2MB)

Capital Projects Report-December 2022(PDF, 232KB)

Special Projects Report December 2022(PDF, 138KB)

Capital Projects Report September 2022(PDF, 100KB)

Special Projects Report September 2022(PDF, 95KB)

Capital Projects Report March 2022(PDF, 4MB)

Special Projects Report March 2022(PDF, 2MB)

Capital Projects Report December 2021(PDF, 1MB)

Operational Projects Report December 2021(PDF, 702KB)

Ten-year Financial Plan

Council adopted a Financial Plan 2021-2031 on 26 October 2021. The plan outlines Council’s financial position and the resources to deliver Council’s 10-year Community Vision and four-year Council Plan.

Read the Ten-year Financial Plan 2021-2031(PDF, 4MB)

Previous financial plans and resource plans:

Ten-year Financial Plan 2014-2024(PDF, 1MB)

Strategic Resource Plan 2016-2020(PDF, 40KB)