Storm and flood

Severe weather events can happen anywhere and often with little warning. The following tips can help to keep you safe and minimise damage.

Before a storm

If safe to do so secure loose items such as outdoor furniture, ensure gutters and drains are not blocked and move your car under cover or away from trees. Regular maintenance on your roof and removal of branches overhanging your home can also help minimise damage.

Have your emergency plan ready and be prepared to activate it if it becomes necessary to do so.

During a storm

Stay inside and avoid driving if possible. Find shelter if stuck outside but not under a tree if lightning is present.

Monitor conditions using various sources – see WARNINGS AND EMERGENCY INFORMATION.

A battery powered radio might be required to keep up to date as power may be lost during a severe weather event. What to do in a power outage

Council may establish relief and recovery centres during or after an emergency event. These are generally created in townships impacted by a disaster and provide a safe place for people to drop in and receive various forms of assistance. These are established on an as-need basis as part of the emergency response. The venue may change according to safety concerns, so it is important to wait until an announcement has been made regarding the opening of an emergency relief centre, rather than assuming its location and potentially putting yourself at risk.

After a storm

Never drive, walk, ride or swim through flood waters.

Be aware of possible road hazards and closures VicRoads - VicTraffic

Check on neighbours, family and friends when safe to do so.

Contact your insurance company.

For further information about staying safe in, and following, a storm or flood:

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Local flood guides

The Victorian State Emergency Service (VICSES) has developed flood guides for residents and business owners in Creswick and Clunes.    

Hepburn Shire Council (


As part of the NBN-funded Strengthening Telecommunications Against Natural Disasters (STAND) Project, there are seven points around Hepburn Shire where people can access satellite Wi-Fi in an emergency.

The locations are:

  • Newlyn Recreation Reserve - 2745 Midland Highway, Newlyn
  • Victoria Park - 3021 Ballan-Daylesford, Daylesford
  • Trentham Library - 13 Albert Street, Trentham 
  • Creswick Hub - 68 Albert Street, Creswick
  • Doug Lindsay Recreation Reserve - via Lindsay Park Access, Creswick
  • Council office - corner Duke and Grant Streets, Daylesford
  • The Warehouse – Clunes - 36 Fraser Street, Clunes.

The STAND systems will provide high-quality internet access and the sites are each capable of supporting dozens of users simultaneously. The installations at Victoria Park, Doug Lindsay Recreation Reserve and The Warehouse will be able to support more than 100 users simultaneously.