Women's Honour Roll

International Women's Day 2024

Come along to a celebration of extraordinary women in our Shire at the International Women's Day (IWD) Heather Mutimer Honour Roll event on Thursday 7 March to be held at the Daylesford Town Hall from 6pm.

The theme for IWD 2024 is Count Her In: Invest in women. Accelerate Progress.

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Keynote speaker - Paula Gerber

Paula Gerber is a Professor and Associate Dean (Education) in the Faculty of Law at Monash University and a leading expert on international human rights law, with a particular focus on children’s rights and the rights of LGBTIQA+ persons, as well as an expert in construction law. She is the author and editor of numerous books, journal articles and edited collections, ncluding most recently, the 3-volume research series 'Worldwide Perspectives on Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals', (2020) and the 2-volume collection 'Critical Perspectives on Human Rights Law in Australia' (2021) (with Melissa Castan). She has a deep commitment to social justice and gender equality and is a passionate advocate for greater respect for human rights, both in Australia and abroad.

Paula was the founder of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) in Australia and is now Patron of this association. She is also Chair of Kaleidoscope Human Rights Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation working to protect the human rights of LGBTIQA+ persons in the Asia-Pacific region.


International Women’s Day is celebrated across the world on 8 March each year. The purpose of the day is to recognise women and their achievements.

In 2005, the Heather Mutimer Honour Roll was established to pay tribute to the women in the Hepburn Shire whose contributions, courage and examples have led to significant social change for women.

The roll provides a forum to acknowledge women who have made a difference in our Shire. By acknowledging these women, past and present, they become role models for generations to come.

We encourage you to think about a woman you know who deserves to be recognised.

Nominations will open again in August 2024. 

International Women's Day 2023

IWD 2023 inductees


IWD 2023 (Left to right) - Debbie Stoneman (granddaughter of inductee Marie Magdalen Lewis), Anneke Deutsch, Mayor Brian Hood, Heather Mutimer, Joee Aganetti-Fraser, Tess Brady, Joyce Orr, Cr Don Henderson and Cr Jen Bray.

Congratulations to the five local women who were inducted on to the Heather Mutimer Honour Roll on 8 March 2023, International Women's Day: 

  • Anneke Deutsch
  • Joyce Orr
  • Tess Brady
  • Joee Aganetti-Fraser
  • Marie Magdalen Lewis (posthumous) 

Past recipients

2023 - 2020 Recipients

2023 Recipients(DOCX, 720KB)

  • Anneke Deutsch
  • Joyce Orr
  • Tess Brady
  • Joee Aganetti-Fraser
  • Marie Magdalen Lewis (posthumous)

2022 Recipients(DOCX, 199KB)

• Joanne Pegg

2021 Recipients(DOCX, 726KB)

  • Frances Fiddian
  • Betty Johns
  • Verena Doyle

2020 Recipients(DOCX, 382KB)

  • Arlene Geoffrey
  • Dallas Kinnear
  • Loretta Little
  • Sarah Glenny (posthumous)

2019 - 2016 Recipients

2019 Recipients(DOCX, 3MB)

  • Donna Cooper
  • Caelli Greenbank
  • Margret Lockwood
  • Kathleen Morrison
  • Rozanne Moynihan (posthumous)

2018 Recipients(DOCX, 477KB)

  • Annelise (Mara) Macs
  • Rosemary Wilson
  • Maureen Corbett
  • Annie Smithers
  • Bessie Harrison Lee (posthumous)

2017 Recipients(DOCX, 145KB)

  • Kit Manning
  • Jenny Beacham
  • Candy Broad
  • Elsie Miller

2016 Recipients(DOCX, 26KB)

  • Gale Orford
  • Julie Ingleby

2015 - 2010 Recipients

2015 Recipients(DOCX, 270KB)

  • Carol White
  • Tina Banitska
  • Michelle Leishman
  • Alla Wolf-Tasker
  • Catherine (Kit) Trewhella (posthumous)

2014 Recipients(DOCX, 47KB)

  • Elizabeth Hepburn (posthumous)

2013 Recipients(DOCX, 40KB)

  • Susan Dennett (Su)
  • Nettya Tulku-Rose

2012 Recipients(DOCX, 38KB)

  • Susan Maree Waters
  • Valmai Heap (posthumous)

2011 Recipients(DOCX, 55KB)

  • Julieanne Regan
  • Rhonda Smith
  • Margaret Giles

2010 Recipients(DOCX, 227KB)

  • Sally Lea McRae
  • Winifred Marigold Elliot (Meg)


2009 - 2005 Recipients

2009 Recipients(DOCX, 27KB)

  • Kathleen Brown
  • Lisa Jane Gervasoni
  • Kathy Elizabeth Watt
  • Margaret Laurus Grenfell (Posthumous)

2008 Recipients(DOCX, 45KB)

  • Patricia Ann Tinetti (Trish)
  • Mary Catherine Walsh
  • Marjorie White
  • Susan Marguerite Gunningham (Posthumous)
  • Deaconess Georgina Marines Harvey (Posthumous)
  • Elizabeth Sewell (Posthumous)

2007 Recipients(DOCX, 36KB)

  • Phyllis Pollard
  • Kathie Hollis
  • Laurice Newman
  • Alice Foley (Posthumous)
  • Maude Glover-Fleay (Posthumous)
  • Rev Jean Dara DeMurashkin (Posthumous)

2006 Recipients(DOCX, 46KB)

  • Elizabeth Palmer Northcott
  • Alice Robertson
  • Pearl Millane (Posthumous)
  • Grace Bremner (Posthumous)
  • Sarah Whiteley (Posthumous)
  • Margaret Cross (Posthumous)
  • Thelma Annear (Posthumous)

2005 Recipients(DOCX, 32KB)

  • Dr Gweneth Wisewould (Posthumous)
  • Jean Elizabeth Peart M.B.E. (Posthumous)
  • May Evelyn Lay B.E.M.
  • Florence Montgomery Brooke



Nomination process

We call for nominations in September/October each year.

The International Women's Day Honour Roll Advisory Committee makes recommendations to Council on up to five recipients each year. Posthumous nominations can also be submitted. 

Nominations can be submitted under one or more of the following categories:

  • Trailblazer: an inspiring role model who effectively leads the way for women starting out in a field that is traditionally male-dominated and has significant barriers for women
  • Local champion: a dedicated member of their community who has used their skills and expertise in a voluntary or professional capacity
  • Change agent: a woman who has made an enduring commitment in their field of expertise, interest or endeavour that has brought about significant and lasting change
  • Emerging leader: a young woman redefining leadership in their career, field or passion
  • Leading through disaster: a woman has led their organisation or community in disaster preparedness and response at a grassroots, state or global level.