Becoming a councillor

What do Councillors do?

Councillors are community leaders. They influence the decisions that Council makes about what happens in our community.

Once elected, they become part of a team that includes other Councillors and staff who, together, shape the Shire’s strategic direction and determine policies for services delivered to the community.

Councillors help to:

  • determine local government policies
  • develop and monitor strategic plans and budgets
  • make sure Council’s resources are used fairly for the benefit of all community members
  • oversee the allocation of Council’s finances and resources.

Under the Local Government Act, you may be disqualified or ineligible to stand for Council if you do not meet certain criteria. These criteria are in the Victorian Local Government Act 2020.

All Victorians who wish to nominate as a candidate in any council elections must undertake mandatory candidate training. The training helps participants understand the role and responsibilities of being a councillor.

Under the Local Government Act 2020 you will not be able to nominate as a candidate unless you have completed the training. 

What are Councillors paid?

Councillors receive an allowance and are reimbursed for some Council expenses. These are published annually in Council’s Annual Report.

For more information about becoming a Councillor, visit the Victorian Electoral Commission, the legislated body that oversees elections in Victoria.